Alumna Success Story: Hayley Segar Dives Into Women’s Swimwear Industry

Alumna Hayley Segar ’17 (CLAS) is launching her own women’s swimwear company today, with hopes that her patent-pending designs, featuring comfortable and flattering styles, will revolutionize the fashion industry.

Her swimsuit company, called ‘onewith,’ reflects both her experience working in fashion, and her lifelong goal to be an entrepreneur, which began with her own YouTube channel at age 12. She describes her startup as a “very UConn-fueled company,’’ as her mentors at the University have helped with everything from marketing and presentation to creating accessories and securing trademarks.

“The digital age presents opportunities in an expansive landscape where female entrepreneurs can be seen and heard as never before,’’ she says. “UConn helped me find my strength as an entrepreneur.’’

This story originally appeared in UConn Today. Click here to read the full article.

By Claire Hall
Claire Hall Editorial Manager