Organizations for Young Educators

As an educator, there are many different organizations you can join where you can learn from and interact with other educators. While young educators have the most to learn about their field, those of any level of experience stand to benefit from discussions and interactions with their colleagues. Below are a few of the organizations open for educators to join. 

The American Counseling Association (ACA) assists in the professional development of counselors and acts as an advocate for their development. They also work to uphold ethical and inclusive practices for all who seek counseling services. The ACA has more than 50,000 members and has successfully contributed to the establishment of many ethical and professional standards. You can become a member of the ACA by being at least a half-time enrolled college/university student. Professionals can gain access to ethics consultation, political advocacy efforts, twelve annual online courses, complimentary subscriptions to publications and newsletters, as well as liability insurance. You can find more information at the ACA website,

The National Education Association (NEA) strives to fulfill the vision that every student is entitled to a great public school, in order to give students the knowledge and tools to succeed in life after school. Boasting greater than three million members, the NEA is the largest employee organization in the country. The organization includes students pursuing teaching degrees public school teachers, university faculty, retired educators, and students. Members receive professional development and leadership training, the chance to have a voice on issues regarding student and teacher rights, and guidance and advice. When you join, you are a member on the local, state, and national levels, so you receive news and have an influence on multiple scales. You can join through their website,

The American College Personnel Association advocates for inclusive learning environments, provides outreach and research, and shares influential academic findings. As of more than 6,500 members, you receive access to professional development opportunities, an extensive colleague network, as well as other publications. Becoming a member is a possibility for both part-time and full-time students, and you can do so through their website,

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By Spencer Appell
Spencer Appell Career Consulting and Services Intern