Exploring Industries with Vault Guides: Arts, Media, and Communications

There is a wide variety of career paths within the fields of arts, media, and communication. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the options! Our career coaches are always here to meet with you about finding a pathway best suited for you. That being said, if you’re looking to do some research on your own, the Center for Career Development website has some great resources for students in various career communities. Consider taking a look at the Vault Guides we have stored in the career community! Vault Guides are produced by Vault Career Intelligence and provide essential information regarding various career paths and jobs. Every Vault Guide includes different job articles for various positions in a certain field. Each job article includes an overview, history, description of a typical work environment, earning potential, employer and advancement prospects, and much more.  

Let’s dive into a few of the guides that are available for the arts, media, and communication career community, and see what kind of jobs they explore. 

Vault Guide to Public Relations Jobs 

The Vault Guide to Public Relations Jobs covers 20 jobs, including: Copywriters, Art Directors, Press Secretaries & Political Consultants, Public Relations Specialists, Publicists, Demographers, and Market Research Analysts.

Vault Guide to Journalism Jobs 

The Vault Guide to Journalism Jobs covers 33 jobs, including: Bloggers, Columnists, News Anchors, Political Reporters, Photo Editors, Foreign Correspondents, Magazine Editors, Food Photographers, and Film & Television Producers. 

Vault Guide to Radio Jobs 

The Vault Guide to Radio Jobs covers 15 jobs, including: Radio Producers, Broadcast Engineers, Reporters, Writers, Talent Agents & Scouts, Disc Jockeys, Audio Recording Engineers, and Radio & Television Announcers. 

Vault Guide to Television Jobs 

The Vault Guide to Television Jobs covers 33 jobs, including: Actors, Lighting Technicians, Screenwriters, Makeup Artists, Costume Designers, Choreographers, Music Video Directors & Producers, Animators, and Broadcast Engineers. 

Vault Guide to Music Jobs

The Vault Guide to Music Jobs covers 18 jobs, including: Music Teachers, Music Therapists, Songwriters, Composers & Arrangers, Music Venue Owners & Managers, Multimedia Sound Workers, and Music Conductors and Directors.

Vault Guide to Performing Arts Jobs

The Vault Guide to Performing Arts Jobs covers 20 jobs, including: Singers, Dancers, Playwrights, Comedians, Theater Managers, Dance School Owners & Managers, Stage Managers, and Artist & Repertoire Workers.

These guides are a great way to explore career opportunities in your area of interest. Remember, each of these guides also has a list of potential employers so that you can research companies and places to work! Whether you have a great idea of what you want to do in the future, or no idea at all, the guides can walk you through important aspects of different fields and positions.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

By Audrey Garcia
Audrey Garcia Career Consulting & Services Intern