3 Organizations Students Interested in the Environment Should Join

Joining a student or professional organization is a great way to learn more about different career paths, find helpful resources, and connect with other students and professionals with a passion for the environment. Listed below are student and professional organizations great for exploring careers in the environment, sustainability, and natural resources! 


EcoHusky is a UCONN student organization that connects students passionate about the environment through sustainability education, outreach to the UCONN community, and service opportunities. They host weekly meetings and special events aimed at “promoting environmental awareness with a critical, equitable lens” and encouraging sustainability across campus. EcoHusky would be a great organization to join to connect with other students and engage in community action and informative discussions about conservation, access to natural resources, and equity. 

How to Join 

The Storrs branch of EcoHusky meets Thursdays at 7:30 PM in Monteith 112 for the Fall 2021 semester. To learn more about joining, please click here. 

For more information on the Avery Point EcoHuskies, please click here. 

American Water Resources Association (AWRA) 

The American Water Resources Association (AWRA) is a professional organization that offers events, webinars, publications, and career resources for professionals in water resources management.  

  • Events & Webinars: Their events and webinars are great ways to learn more about water resources management, environmental sciences, and ecology. Some of their webinars have focused on water equity and justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion in water management, the impact of animals and geology on water resources, and climate change.  
  • Insights & Trends: AWRA publishes annual reports that could be useful for students curious about trends and key topics in this area of environmental studies and engineering.  
  • Job & Internship Opportunities: Check out AWRA’s Career Center, which has a job and internship board with a wide variety of opportunities in water resources planning, energy, public works, geographic information systems, engineering, and financial planning.  

AWRA is a valuable resource for learning how to get involved in the multidisciplinary field of water resource management. 

How to Join 

There is a $39 fee for students to join and access some of the content provided on the AWRA website, though they also have resources and scholarships that are available without charge. To learn more about how to gain student membership, please click here. 

Climate Institute 

The Climate Institute is a professional organization that focuses on climate change advocacy, research, and education. They provide free educational resources including: 

  • Research articles and reports students can use to broaden their knowledge of environmental issues 
  • Information about new ventures in renewable energy 
  • Games that demonstrate key elements of climate change 
  • News and events

Check out the Climate Institute’s internship opportunities in research, web content, and programming, located in their Washington D.C. office or virtually. They also accept submissions of student research on topics within climate change and the environment.  

The Climate Institute is a great organization for students interested in the environment to check out because it offers unique and timely information on the impacts of climate change. 

How to Join 

There isn’t a membership program associated with the Climate Institute and their learning materials are free to access. For more information on their internship program, click here

Photo by Felix Mittermeier from Pexels

By Jennie Magnoli
Jennie Magnoli