AbilityLinks: A Website for Job Seekers with Disabilities and Inclusive Employers

AbilityLinks is a free resource to find disability-friendly jobs and read blogs on career development — all tailored uniquely for job seekers, employers, and service providers. You can sign up as one of these three categories. Signing up as a job seeker allows you to publish your resume on the site, as well as list what kind of job you’re looking for. Signing up as an employer allows you to promote your company on AbilityLinks, depending on the level of sponsorship. Signing up as a service provider allows you to promote your disability-inclusion services that both job seekers and employers can benefit from.

Of utmost interest to job seekers is AbilityLinks’ job bank. Here, job seekers can filter by state, remote/non-remote work, specific accommodations, and several other categories. There is a tool to bookmark jobs as well. Additional tools to assist your job search are such blogs as “Job Seekers: How to Assess Your Job Readiness” and “Starting Your Own Business,” all of course tailored to those with disabilities.

There are many blogs of interest to employers, too, most pertaining to fostering a disability-inclusive workplace. “Is Your Website Accessible for All Users?” for example. “Assistive technology (AT) in the inclusive workplace” is another. There are also guides to accommodating specific types of disabilities, such as mobility, neurodiversity, hearing, learning, vision, and mental

Service providers are “organizations that train, place, and support job seekers with disabilities.” Such listed service providers listed include the College Internship Program, a program that trains people ages 18 – 26 with autism and other learning differences to become college and career ready. There’s also Donka, Inc, a non-profit which provides computer training and career development services to persons with physical, visual, and limited learning disabilities. Another is ITKAN, a professional organization for people with disabilities in technology careers.

If you want to learn more about navigating your career with a disability, schedule an appointment with a career coach today on Handshake.

Photo by Marcus Aurelius from Pexels

By Erik Zawodniak
Erik Zawodniak