3 Careers in Health & Nutrition that Promote Community Wellness

For students interested in working in health, food, and nutrition, there are unique and rewarding career opportunities at many different types of organizations. Health education, nutrition writing, and regulatory affairs are only three of the many careers where you can apply your skills in nutrition to help others and promote health and wellness. Check out these career paths to learn more about how to apply your skills in nutrition and health with community impact! 

Health Education Specialist 

Health Education Specialist is responsible for passing on their knowledge and expertise to patients, students, community members, and fellow healthcare and nutrition providers through discussions, trainings, events, and educational programs. They can work in many different places, such as healthcare facilities, non-profits, and public health agencies. Some responsibilities may include: 

  • Educating patients in healthcare facilities on their health/nutrition plan and diagnoses 
  • Developing and evaluating programs and educational materials to promote health in the local community 
  • Training medical staff and community health workers 
  • Educating policymakers and advocating for better health funding and grants for non-profits 
  • Researching and collecting data on community health to improve resources, programs, and public health campaigns 

There are additional certifications that Health Education Specialists can receive to further their expertise in this field. Students and professionals can become Certified Health Education Specialists through the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing to learn more about community health promotion and research. 

Nutrition Writer 

Nutrition writers utilize their knowledge of nutrition and health to create content and educational materials for magazines, websites, blogs, schools, or healthcare facilities. They may work for a specific organization or be a free-lance contributor. Some daily tasks may include: 

  • Researching current events and relevant topics in nutrition 
  • Brainstorming article ideas and coordinating with other team members 
  • Writing and editing written pieces to deliver information clearly and drive search engine optimization 

Nutrition writing is a great way to combine your expertise in nutrition, food, and health with writing and community outreach. Your articles can reach a wide audience and provide readers with valuable information and insights into healthy living. 

Regulatory Affairs 

Many food companies hire regulatory affairs personnel to ensure their products and labels meet government health and safety standards. Some responsibilities may include: 

  • Researching and understanding changes to government food safety and marketing regulations 
  • Providing professional expertise to management and departments such as Quality and Research & Development 
  • Approving food products, labels, and advertising based on regulations 

Regulatory Affairs is useful in many different industries that are impacted by government standards and health and safety, especially the food industry. Regulatory affairs professionals help ensure the safety and health of consumers that use their products. 

Students interested in nutrition, food, and health have many different career options that allow them to educate the community on healthy living and new trends in nutrition and ensure consumers are being provided with safe and healthy products. Sign up for an appointment with a career coach for more information on how to explore opportunities in these areas!

Photo by Tangerine Newt on Unsplash

By Jennie Magnoli
Jennie Magnoli