Internship Opportunities with the White House Hispanic Prosperity Initiative

Established in 1990 and later expanded in 2020, the White House Hispanic Prosperity Initiative aspires to improve Latino Americans’ educational accessibility and economic opportunity. The Initiative hopes that Latino Americans can achieve their aspirations by widening access to the channels of education and economic opportunity. Through the US Department of Education, the White House Hispanic Prosperity Initiative is motivated to create lasting success for Latino students.

For students interested in participating in the efforts of the White House Hispanic Prosperity Initiative, there are two internship programs. These experiences immerse participants in Latino-focused education policy, communications, and outreach work. The WHI’s Year-Round Internship Program connects Department of Education supervisors with undergraduate and graduate students. In addition, interns will assist in collecting data on Latino education for final reports and briefing. Students will also serve as a liaison between the White House Initiative and local and national Latino organizations, planning events, social media outreach, and answering general inquiries.

Students learn the responsibilities of those working in Latino academic policy and have the chance to interview senior Department officials and external organization members. Presentations and briefings encourage hands-on experience and developmental growth.

Students who would like to experience working for the Department of Education but from the comfort of their university can apply to the WHI’s Virtual Year-Round Internship Program. Like the in-person experience, interns will also be responsible for collecting data and research related to Latino education, participation in the planning of events, and the development of social media posts and one-pagers.

Those interested in applying to either of these internships can find more information at

Photo by Kelly L from Pexels

By Spencer Hayes
Spencer Hayes Graduate Assistant, Programming (She/Her/Hers)