Career Center Interns Tell All: Why you should intern with us!

Did you know, the Center for Career Development conducted over 3,000 undergraduate résumé critiques, facilitated more than 200 practice interview appointments, hosted over 320 in-person and online events, and developed content that generated over 700,000 website page views during the 2020/2021 school year? Did you also know that those accomplishments could not have been achieved without the dedication and commitment of the Career Center’s student intern team?

Completing an internship with the UConn Career Center is more than just a part-time job. It’s an opportunity to directly support your fellow UConn students and make a difference in their career exploration and development process; to build valuable skills while achieving own personal and professional goals; and to be a part of a team that embraces your individual thoughts and ideas while encouraging and celebrating your growth and success! You don’t have to take my word for it though, click on the video above or check out the responses below to hear what a few of our current interns have to say about their own personal experiences.

If you like what you hear, consider applying to be a part of our internship team. We are currently accepting application for the 2022/2023 academic year. To learn more about these paid opportunities and review qualifications, please visit our main recruiting system, Handshake, or the Work at the Center section of our website.

Why did you decide to apply to the Center for Career Development?

Maddie Giglio: I decided to apply to the Center for Career Development because I wanted to get more involved on campus and was looking for a job to make some extra money. Furthermore, with the on-going pandemic I did not have the opportunity to pursue an internship through the summer, as many others before me had. When I found this internship opportunity, I viewed it as the perfect way to gain experience for my post-graduate plans, network with other Career Center interns and employees, branch out to new groups of individuals on campus, make a little extra money, and have direct access to all the Career Center resources.

Ramon Peters: I applied to the Center for Career Development because my trusted advisor at the time, Summer Spaderna, said that this would be a good opportunity for me. I read the job description and it seemed like something that I would be interested and possibly excel in, and so I applied. Initially, I was skeptical because I wasn’t a sophomore yet, but I it all panned out in the end.

In what ways have you seen yourself grow personally and professionally during your internship at the Career Center?

Ray Peyravi: The Center for Career Development has helped me develop so many skills that are going to be so important to me and my personal career goals such as growing a problem-solving mindset, learning to pull insights from large amounts of data, communicating analytics to different audiences, putting together reports and visualizations. When it comes to resume critiques, that part has been great for me and my development as well. Whether it comes down to understanding what a powerful resume is or crafting a really good bullet point to speak about an experience. Those skills play a large role in becoming a competitive applicant for roles I’m excited about.

Ryley Raffone: I have been able to grow so much personally and professionally during my internship with the Center for Career Development. I went from being a shy student who never thought they could lead a one-on-one appointment with a student to being able to confidently do so. Through the training and experiences I have gotten, it allowed me to grow and develop great interpersonal and leadership skills that will be so valuable to me moving forward in my own career.

Heidi Pineda: My internship with the Center for Career Development has helped me find my path. I wasn’t sure what I wanted  to do with my degree and through my projects I have been able to explore so many different career possibilities and fields that I was interested in.

Chaddane Williams: In terms of my career goals, the Career Center has been a wonderful place to explore ideas and put to practice new techniques. I figured out that I enjoy trying to make my next project better than the previous one and the Career Center has been the environment to push towards that goal. Working here has also enabled me to adapt to new tools quickly and execute them well. The Center is a fantastic place to build upon skillsets and practices.

What excites you about your internship work?

Jennie Magnoli: Within my role as a Career Consulting & Services Intern, I get excited about helping support the student-focused mission of the Center for Career Development. I enjoy being able to interact with students, connect them with resources, and write and research blogs for our website. I love that there are many different opportunities to get involved and build new skills.

Chaofan Yu: Initially I was excited about having the opportunity to create designs that vary in concepts, but now I am just excited to come into work and seeing everyone that works there. I think it’s a fantastic environment to work in and I genuinely fell in love with everyone there. Evan if you are reading this I love you!

How would you describe the culture at the Center for Career Development and what do you like most about it?

Chelsea Osei: Greeting my fellow interns and the staff members is I look forward to first thing when I come in.  We are a small office and I know most of the people who I work with, speaking to the staff and sharing a simple laugh or smile is ways nice way to start a shift. I feel super comfortable in this environment. In previous jobs I always kept my head down and said I did not really speak to my co-interns, but this job encourages working together without forcing it.

Jami Pandiscio: The staff and community at the Center for Career Development are truly so inclusive. While working at the front desk, staff members are constantly going out of their way to come over and say hi, have a chat, and make me feel welcome. Plus, having these meaningful conversations is a great way to network and create connections. So, piece of advice, never be afraid to talk to any of the staff members; They are there to help you learn and grow! The intern team here at the Career Center is a strong group of hardworking individuals. We are all very supportive of one another and value all the unique perspectives and ideas that we each bring to the table. Plus, I’ve made some great friends throughout the process!

What would you say to someone considering an internship at the Center for Career Development?

Rebecca Ninger: If you are considering applying for an internship at the Center for Career Development, take the leap and just do it. I remember seeing that the career center was hiring during my sophomore year, but I didn’t apply back then because I didn’t believe I would be hired. Junior year I saw the position again, I applied and got it. So, the point is that it doesn’t hurt to try. Get a resume critique beforehand to maximize your chances.

Audrey Garcia: In addition to gaining valuable experience and working with a supportive staff, being an intern at the Center for Career Development puts you at the center of career and job finding processes. It is a phenomenal opportunity to get to work alongside Career Consultants and other professionals who have inside info on so many industries. If you’re looking for an on-campus job that will be flexible with your academic schedule, and supportive of your career aspirations, this is the opportunity for you!

By Kristen Soprano
Kristen Soprano Career Consultant | she, her, hers