How Majoring in Communications Can Help You Explore Different Careers

One of the best parts about being a Communications Major at UConn is the ability to explore different career paths within the major. The courses offered by the Department of Communication are particularly diverse and allow students to learn about various fields while honing their interpersonal and public speaking skills.  

While some majors at UConn have a strict plan of study, Communications allows you to learn about different majors at UConn. In addition, while most students are restricted to courses related to their majors, Communications students have more freedom to explore multiple industries during their time as a student. 

Interested in political science? Take the Political Communication or the Protest and Communication course. Want to learn more about marketing and brand management? There is a Marketing Communications or a Public Relations course for you! If you want to learn more about the healthcare industry, there are courses for you as well. The Department of Communication also offers several different courses in Digital Media Production for those who are interested in that space.  

Additionally, since the Communications Major is relatively broad, you’ll be able to apply to many different internships. As a CLAS major, I always thought I could never work in the business field, but I soon learned that was a myth. I have personally seen how the many skills that I have developed as a Communications major have set me up nicely to work in the business world. I was able to find an internship in the financial services industry this past summer! 

The ability to communicate effectively is one of the most important transferable skills to have. While many majors at UConn will help you learn the technical skills needed to work in a particular field, majoring in communications will help you develop the necessary skills to stand out in the recruiting process. With your newfound written communication skills, you’ll be able to write an effective cover letter and secure an interview. You’ll also be able to use your public speaking skills to nail your interview.  

Photo courtesy of Dom Fou from Unsplash 

By Brynne Bergen
Brynne Bergen