Exciting Career Paths in Public Administration 

Public administration is a career path where leaders can serve their communities in the local or federal government or nonprofit organizations. Public administration jobs can vary across the industry, but they all have one thing in common: commitment to public service.  

There are many career opportunities for someone with a Master in Public Administration (MPA). These opportunities can be in government, education, or nonprofit organizations. There are also opportunities in the private sector, such as consulting positions. To help you in your career path, here is a list of well-known career paths that an MPA can lead you to: 

Housing and Urban Planning 

With the growth of urbanization housing and urban planning, administrators need to help carefully prepare for the development of urban areas. In addition, housing and urban planning administrators work on bringing more inclusivity within their communities, making housing more affordable, and increasing the budget. 

As our communities evolve, careers in urban planning are projected to grow faster than the average occupations for the next ten years. If you are interested in issues like homelessness and housing, an MPA can undoubtedly help you achieve a career where you can work on improving those issues. 

International Relations 

With an MPA, you can also work in internal affairs to address issues like peace, terrorism, and trade. This career path requires communication skills and the ability to deal with legal matters.  

Jobs in international relations include diplomats who work to maintain a good relationship between countries. In addition, a policy analyst analyzes different economic and political policies and their impact on the public.

 Public Organizations 

There are great opportunities in public organizations ranging from transportation offices, public schools, and community health centers. For example, MPA holders can work in transportation management, where they will get to work on infrastructure projects in their city. 

There are also management positions in public schools and community health centers. For example, these positions could be in human resources management or administration. As a human resource administrator or coordinator, you will be responsible for producing effective ways for your company to recruit new talent. You will also create guidelines and rules for the employees to provide a fair and equitable workplace. 

Public Affairs 

With an MPA, someone can also work in public affairs, where they will have the opportunity to help governments and other organizations polish their public image. This could include making sure your company is being advertised in a good light and offering counsel on how to keep its public image intact. 

MPAs can work in public affairs in both the public and private sectors. Working in public affairs can also involve working with private companies to help them deal with government agencies and press releases. 

An MPA is a great degree to get you started on your career in public service. We have a great MPA program here at the University of Connecticut and they even offer a fast-track option for current undergraduate students. More information about UConn’s program can be found on the Department of Public Policy website.

Photo by Pixabay

By Rebecca Ninger
Rebecca Ninger Career Consulting and Services Intern