Ticket to Success to Stay and Work in the U.S. After Graduation

A Podcast with Marcelo Barros – The International Advantage

Marcelo Barros is the Founder of The International Advantage, a company created to empower international students to achieve their job search goals. Marcelo encourages students to leverage their global status by focusing on their positive aspects to help them beat the odds and secure a job. In this podcast, Marcelo shared three pieces of advice with international students.

1.   Be aware, honor, and build on the capabilities that you brought to the U.S.

Marcelo reminds international students of the gifts that they already possess. The multicultural brain is creative and analytical. Many international students have courage, passion, and are eager to make a difference.  Often they can add new perspectives to an organization. Marcelo suggests you focus on your global perspective, distinctive thinking, and maturity, and have a conviction in who you are and what you want. 

The ticket to success is to blend your international core strengths with your education. Marcelo explained that international students assume that the education they receive at an American institution is enough to get them a job, and they are often preoccupied with getting the highest GPA. Marcelo encourages students to prioritize their job search in addition to their education.

2.   “It’s who you know, not what you know!”

American students have the ability to connect with family, neighbors, and others locally to build their network. International students actively need to create a similar professional network here in the U.S.

– Marcelo suggests building a pool of contacts at your university – including professors, students, advisors, and alumni. Additionally, leverage the resources that the university offers.

– Identify American companies where you would be interested in working and network with them. Educate employers about the international advantages that you bring to the position.

– Attend conferences in your academic field or through student groups- offer to be a student volunteer. Network in a relaxed atmosphere where you can make genuine connections.

3.   What do you do if a company does not support sponsorship?

Marcelo explains that this is not the end of the road if a company’s policy does not consider non-U.S. citizens for their workforce. Marcelo suggests that international students can educate an employer about the value of sponsoring and share how OPT works if that is another option instead of sponsorship.

International students can help fill the gaps in the American workforce. Identify the need, and build a profile to fill those holes. Indicate what you bring to the candidacy that American students may not. 

To listen to the complete podcast or to learn more about the International Advantage visit https://theinternationaladvantage.com/.

Immigration Nerds Podcast image courtesy of the Erickson Immigration Group.

By Desiree Martino
Desiree Martino Career Coach | Pronouns she/her