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UConn’s Center for Career Development offers a partnership with GoingGlobal, an online career resource for all nationalities looking for positions either at home or abroad. GoinGlobal is an employment tool that offers a list of employers with past records of sponsorship activity that are searchable using geographic and industry criteria and includes corporate profiles for 450,000 employers throughout 196 countries. The Career Guides featuring more than 120 worldwide locations are a unique resource offered by GoinGlobal.

Depending on your geographic area of interest, GoinGlobal’s Career Guides provide expert advice on hiring trends, work permits/visa regulations, and networking. UConn students can customize their experience by bookmarking Guides, job postings, employer profiles, and H1B records. The Career Guides offer insider tips from local experts on the following:

•        Résumés/CVs guidelines that are in correct formats that meet local employers’ expectations.

•        Interview advice customary to location (both social and professional recommendations).

•        Cost of living information for housing, transportation, taxes, and medical.

•        A listing of local job boards, staffing agencies, executive search firms, and career fairs.

•        Industry trends and hiring outlooks by sector.

•        Work permits and Visa requirements.

The Guides are segmented by Country Career Guides, Global City Career Guides, and the U.S. City Career Guides. They are translated into more than 50 languages.

Log on to GoinGlobal for support to make informed career decisions for both domestic and international employment.

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By Desiree Martino
Desiree Martino Career Coach | Pronouns she/her