Resourceful, Energetic, and Fearless: An Interview with Alum Zak Romanoff

Zak Romanoff is a disruptor in the food distribution, marketing, and sales world. Known for removing the term Food Broker from his vocabulary and replacing it with the self-developed term Brand Advocate, Zak is a true advocate for the brands he works with and has established a strong reputation in the billion-dollar food industry. Zak currently serves as President at OMNI Food Sales, a leading food sales company in the Metro NY marketplace.

Zak was recently interviewed by 5-time Billboard Magazine Award winner, former #1 on-air radio personality in the New York radio market, Valerie Smaldone on the “Bagels & Broadway” podcast. During the interview, Zak shared some of OMNI’s key values and “Go To Market” strategy with a focus on how it differentiates them from ‘ the other guys.’ Watch the 5-minute sizzle reel below to learn more, and access the full interview here.  

By Lisa Famularo
Lisa Famularo Assistant Director, Equity and Inclusion | Pronouns: she/her/hers