Growing STEM Careers for Veterans

The STEM field has seen a rising demand for talent for decades which is projected to continue for years to come3. Military veterans, in particular, are a skilled pool of candidates that are qualified for these roles and are more likely to help meet this need. The U.S. sees a higher proportion of veterans take on roles in STEM compared to civilians, with veterans being 1.47 times more likely to be in a STEM occupation compared to non-veterans, and many organizations have hiring initiatives for recruiting veterans4.

Growing STEM careers across the U.S. currently include1,2:

  • Information Security Analysts
  • Engineers
  • Computer and Information Science
  • Data Science and Data Analysts
  • Geographic Information Systems Research/Technicians
  • Software Developers and Analysts

What makes veterans such a great source of STEM talent? Veterans gain a host of technical and soft skills, as well as sophisticated training, from their military experience which can be directly or indirectly valuable to a company or organization. Leadership, teamwork, and organization are among the many skills that employers seek out, in addition to more specialized military training and education.

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Additional information on growing careers can be found through the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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By Mary Malerba
Mary Malerba Assistant Director, Alumni Relations