Latinx Employment Resources

The Latinx Affinity Community has many resources for students as they embark on their career journeys. We will be covering several of these resources in this article, beginning with Prospanica. 

Prospanica is the Association of Hispanic MBAs and Business Professionals. The Association works to help Hispanic business professionals achieve their full potential in educational, economic, and social aspects. Prospanica offers scholarships, leadership roles, and provides opportunities for Latinx professionals to connect with one another. There are 47 chapters across the country with over 30,000 members. On their website, they have a career center and an events calendar to help jobseekers grow their connections and find employment. Check out Prospanica’s resources for students here

A second employment resource for Latinx students is the National Hispanic Medical Association (NHMA). NHMA works for the 50,000+ Hispanic physicians in the United States in order to improve the health of Hispanic and other populations. NHMA facilitates connection and collaboration between these populations and Hispanic state medical societies, residents, medical students, and public and private sector partners. NHMA has resources, such as featured jobs; events, including conferences; programs, including an internship program; and a career center for prospective Latinx medical professionals.  

A third and final employment resource we’ll cover is the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE). SHPE is the “nation’s largest association dedicated to fostering Hispanic leadership in the STEM field.” SHPE has a mentor program for Latinx STEM college students in order to help them advance their careers. SHPE also gives away $300,000 in scholarships to their 150 members each year. Finally, SHPE also hosts conventions, conferences, and events each year, totaling nine annual events where SHPE members connect and network. Some of the Society’s most prominent events are their annual leadership conferences wherein college students and young professionals get the opportunity to develop personally and professionally.  

For more information about other employment organizations for Latinx students, check out the Organizations page here

Photo Credit: Omar Lopez via Unsplash

By Maggie Cummings
Maggie Cummings Career Consulting and Services Intern