Missing Prayers due to Work? Here’s How to Pray Salah at Work!

“Today we’re talking about the mother of all ‘time-management’ strategies… The strategy that was practiced by the Prophet SAW 1400 years ago a 100% of the time… The strategy that he SAW emphasized more than any other in Islam… and that is planning your day around Salah.

For a professional Muslim, this can be a problem. How do you plan your day around Salah when your job won’t wait around for you? It’s easier said than done right? Wrong. It’s actually easier done than said! Think about it. We fret so much over how to incorporate Salah into our daily work schedule, and the implications this will have on (1) our work, and (2) our ability to create the perfect balance between Deen and Dunya.

We try so hard to convince ourselves that “Oh, work is important… it’s my daily bread. I’ll pray whenever I can. Allah SWT is Forgiving, He will understand”. When the reality is if we were to make Salah our top-priority over work and just START praying, Allah SWT will take care of all our matters for us. Rizq (sustenance) is from Allah, and your job is just a means through which Allah provides you with that rizq”.-  Aimen Saifullah

To read more about planning work around Salah please head over to https://muslimempowerment.com/how-to-pray-at-work/

Photo by cetteup on Unsplash

By Aimen Saifullah
Aimen Saifullah