6 Tips for Navigating Your Religious Needs at Work (From People Who’ve Done It)

“Like most millennials, I consider work benefits and culture just as important as my salary, if not more. I want to know how many vacation days I’m allotted, how my employer treats their employees, and whether my co-workers are friendly. But most crucial of all in my case is how my company will accommodate my religious needs. Because of my Orthodox Jewish observances, like eating kosher and keeping the Sabbath (when you’re not allowed to work), I’ve had to learn how to navigate my workplaces in ways that suit both me and my employers. Those conversations weren’t always easy, especially if my boss wasn’t familiar with my religious practices. The thing is, you shouldn’t have to compromise your identity in an environment where you spend most of your days, and many people have successfully worked in various fields with devout religious beliefs.

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Photo by kate.sade on Unsplash

By Bonnie Azoulay
Bonnie Azoulay 6 Tips for Navigating Your Religious Needs at Work (From People Who've Done It)