Healthcare & Wellness Recruiting Season Has Begun!

It’s recruiting season! Whether you are seeking patient care hours in preparation for an application to graduate school, an internship to test out a certain role in the healthcare/wellness field, or an entry-level job for after graduation, it’s time to start preparing!

Here are 4 tips on how you can make the most of this recruiting season:

  1. Have your résumé up-to-date and ready to go. Be sure to add anything you did this past summer, including shadowing, volunteering, and part-time jobs, and have it reviewed by a Center for Career Development staff member. Keep in mind that experiences outside of healthcare and wellness are still very valuable to include on your résumé due to the transferable skills they cultivate. So, don’t forget to include volunteering in your community, taking care of a family member, summer classes, and everything else you have going on!
  2. Keep an eye on the “Featured Jobs & Internships” section of the Healthcare and Wellness Career Community page. These jobs and internships are chosen directly from Handshake and feature employers who are actively seeking UConn talent in the healthcare and wellness industries.
  3. Attend our fall career fairs and chat face-to-face with employers. Each year we have employers at the fair representing healthcare and wellness industries including insurance companies, hospitals, labs, and more. If face-to-face conversations aren’t for you, you can also send messages to our career fair recruiters via Handshake. Schedule an appointment with a career coach so we can show you how.
  4. Connect with the Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental Advising Center if you haven’t already. Regardless of whether you are pursuing medical or dental school, they have a fantastic newsletter you can join by emailing This weekly newsletter shares information about open jobs and research opportunities related to healthcare and wellness that are open to all UConn students, including many programs that are specifically for students from underrepresented populations.

There is a lot going on during the fall semester, including all of your courses/academic work, and we understand it can be difficult to manage everything. Remember to prioritize your physical and mental health and also that we’re here to help! If you’d like to discuss the best ways for you personally to navigate recruiting season this year, you are always welcome to schedule an appointment with a career coach.

Photo from CDC via Unsplash.

By Lisa Famularo
Lisa Famularo Assistant Director, Equity and Inclusion | Pronouns: she/her/hers