Get a Jump Start on the Recruiting Season – Non-Profit, Social Services, and other Careers for the Common Good

The recruiting season is approaching for the Non-Profit, Social Services, and other Careers for the Common Good. Are you wondering how to begin the process? Perhaps you are still exploring career options. Do you need help finding jobs or an internship? Below you will find some tips to get engaged and prepare for the start of the recruiting season.

Where to Start

The job search process can feel very overwhelming. One excellent place to commence is by visiting the Center for Career Development’s Non-profit, Social Service, and other Careers for the Common Good Career Community page to learn about career events for this community. Additionally, the Center for Career Development’s Careers for the Common Good Page. “Inspired by UConn’s commitment to developing active global citizens, Careers for the Common Good fosters the pursuit of socially responsible career paths that positively affect the community and society at large. Careers for the Common Good is a collaborative program through the Center for Career Development, the Office of Community Outreach, and the Human Rights Institute, working to serve all students at UConn in their desire to create change through their careers. Careers for the Common Good aims to expose students to socially responsible vocations in industries ranging from public service and non-profits to benefit corporations and social enterprises. We work to bring together students and values-driven organizations that desire to create positive change in society, the environment, and the world.”

Career Exploration

Are you still learning about potential career options in this field? Perhaps you would like to explore careers beyond nonprofit organizations or service opportunities? Visit Exploring Common Good Career Paths to join events and networking opportunities. 

The Center offers a Career Exploration Series. These sessions highlight opportunities that work towards a public benefit. Past sessions have included Careers in Advocacy, Careers in Benefit Corporations, Interning in a Non-Profit can be Profitable, and Careers in Social Responsibility (CSR). During each of these sessions, students had the opportunity to connect with UConn alumni and professionals in the field. Check the Career Community Event Page frequently to learn about upcoming events.

Finding a Job or Internship

One effective way to find a job is by attending a career fair. During the Spring Semester, there is a Careers for the Common Good Job Fair. This event typically occurs in February or March. It is the perfect opportunity to network with employers and representatives for opportunities in non-profits, government agencies, benefit corporations, national service organizations, graduate programs, and more.

Also, explore online nonprofit and common good job boards during your search for jobs, internships, and service opportunities. These job boards support the hiring needs of organizations committed to making an impact locally, nationally, and internationally.

Preparing Your Documents

The Center can help you prepare your documents for your job search. We can review résumés, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles. Consider meeting one-on-one with a Career Coach to have your documents reviewed. If you are looking to emphasize your service experience on your résumé, we have a tip sheet for you to review Highlighting Services Tip Sheet.

Wishing you success during your career preparation!

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By Desiree Martino
Desiree Martino Career Coach | Pronouns she/her