My Takeaways from the Inaugural Career Everywhere Conference

On September 9, the discussion about our students’ career preparation was buzzing at the Peter J. Werth Tower in Storrs. More than a hundred people – faculty, career professionals, and employers – gathered to examine various aspects of preparing UConn students for success after graduation.

The results from UConn students’ career trajectories at 1, 5, and 10 years after graduation were showcased and new strategies were proposed to enhance the inclusion of a diverse student body in career preparation work. On the academic side, faculty shared many resources they use in the classroom to help students recognize their potential for career success. On the professional side, several employers showcased their resources for job seekers, and special leadership programs that they utilize in recruiting students and developing their talents.

The conference was a stepping stone in bringing closer collaboration between the University and employers. The Center for Career Development is to be commended for such an interesting and impactful event.

By Natalia Smirnova
Natalia Smirnova Associate Professor In Residence, Department of Economics