Practicing Before an Interview: Why You Should and Resources to Help

Now is the perfect time to start building those interviewing skills. Preparing for an interview helps you better understand the position you are applying for and how your personal interests, values, and skills align with it. There are a vast number of resources available to help you feel more confident about your interview.  

Prepare for an Interview Page

One place to go for help is the Center for Career Development’s Prepare for an Interview page. Here you can access the Interviewing Guidebook that covers Getting Started and Preparing, The Day of the Interview, a selection of Interview Questions and Responses, and a section After the Interview. This page also provides a series of interviewing videos ranging from topics like an Elevator Pitch to How to Shake a Hand to Negotiating the Offer. There is also a link to schedule a practice interview with the Center for Career Development; clicking on the link will redirect you to Handshake where you make the appointment.  

Schedule a Practice Interview

The Center for Career Development offers practice interviews aiming to prepare students for any upcoming and future interviews. The appointments begin with the practice interviewer asking if there is a certain reason why they scheduled the appointment, and communicating any goals they have for it. Next is the actual practice interview lasting from 10-15 minutes where students are asked common interview questions that fall into three categories. The remaining time is used to go through the Interview Preparation Guide and give the interviewee feedback from the interview, and also provides students with the opportunity to ask any questions they may have about the interviewing process.

When asked why students should sign up for a practice interview, Audrey Garcia, an intern at the Center, responded, “Practice Interviews are a great way for students to familiarize themselves with the interview process, as well as the different types of interview questions. Because they are mainly peer-led by Career Center interns, it is a low-stress environment to prepare for future interviews and get comfortable with talking about yourself and your experiences. We strive to give students a safe space while helping them become confident and comfortable interviewees. It’s a great opportunity to get out any pre-interview jitters too!”

How to Schedule a Practice Interview:

  • Visit the Prepare for an Interview page 
  • Click on the ‘Schedule a Practice Interview’ button to the bottom right of the page 
  • After clicking, you will be directed to Handshake 
  • Click on the ‘University of Connecticut Career Center’ to view the resources  
  • Click on ‘Appointments’ 
  • Click on ‘Schedule a New Appointment’ 
  • Select your campus 
  • Click on ‘Practice Interview’ 
  • Choose the date and time that works for you! 

Big Interview

Another page to check out is Big Interview. To access it through the Center for Career Development, visit the Prepare for an Interview page and click on ‘View More Resources’ on the bottom left of the page. Sign in using your UConn NetID and password, and your dashboard will show up. Big Interview gives students access to over 170 video lessons on Interview Playbooks, among other topics, and a series of learning modules that take you from Interview Basics to the Follow Up after your interview. After you’ve landed the job, you can also return to Big Interview for tips on the First 90 Days! 

Remember, practice makes perfect- utilize as many of the resources available to you so that you feel confident and ace the interview!

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By Lily Guberman
Lily Guberman Marketing Assistant