Liberal Arts Jobs & Internships Available NOW at

You probably use Handshake to keep up with new job and internship opportunities for companies both near and far from UConn.  But did you know there’s another resource you can use that will give you access to hundreds of internships and full time jobs – with the US government!  It’s, which hosts a huge database of available positions based in Washington DC, other cities all across the country, or even remotely from your home.

“But those job sites never have anything for me, the CLAS student” you say – but no!  A recent search through this site showed tons of opportunities for Liberal Arts students who are still in school or just starting out in the work world – here’s a sample of available positions on a recent search:

Human Resources Assistant, Clean Energy Corp., Department of Energy

Public Affairs Specialist (Press), Americorps, Office of External Affairs

Criminal Investigator (Special Agent), Internal Revenue Service

Visual Information Specialist, Library of Congress

Paralegal Specialist, Department of Justice

USPTO Anthony Bowen Internship, Patent and Trademark Office, Department of Commerce

Take a couple of minutes to set up your profile on the site, and then dig in and check out all the open opportunities.  And rest assured, these positions are diversity-forward and Veteran friendly as well!  Go check out right now!

Image courtesy of USAJOBS – The Federal Government’s official employment site

By Kathleen Powell
Kathleen Powell Front Desk Operations Assistant