Whatever It Takes: Yak Cheese and UConn Research, at 17,000 Feet

You can’t get to the yak cheese factory by car or train or bus.

Instead, you walk.

Striding alongside a never-ending blue river. Climbing narrow cliff-side pathways. Traversing sandy terrain, where the ground slips out from beneath the soles of your boots with every step.

You can ride a small horse for part of the way, until you travel beyond where the trees will grow, high up into the mountains. There, the air is thin and snow still caps the Himalayas well into June. It’s not just the trees that start to disappear – nothing much seems to live there at all.

This article originally appeared in UConn Today. Click here to read the full article.

By Jaclyn Severance
Jaclyn Severance University Public Relations Associate 2