Design the Future: Experience in Product Design Offered by Accenture

Have you ever considered a career in product design? Product design is a multidisciplinary field within the field of industrial design. It focuses on bridging the gap between designing products and human needs. It combines engineering and art in a unique way. There are many different avenues that product design goes down; whether you’re an artist, a statistician, or a computer scientist, there is a place for you in this wide field.

If you think you might be interested in this field, there is an online experience offered by Accenture that shows a taste of what product designers do in their career. You will learn about UX (user experience) design, UI (user interface) design, and the critical thought process behind that. Further, you will use Figma, a 2D design interface, to model out a design and then provide rationale behind that design. This introductory experience is self-paced and will take about four hours to complete. It is also free to all students, and is a great way to explore a new field while gaining skills critical for success in it.

Accenture is an information technology and consulting firm. They strive to “create 360° value” for all of their clients through creative solutions that combine technology and human integrity. They have worked with a wide variety of clients ranging from car companies like Volkswagen to municipalities like San Diego County to tackle diverse sets of problems, like increasing sustainability efforts or digitizing an aspect of their workflow. Product design is one of many areas they preside over, and their dedication to innovation makes them a trendsetter of the industry.

After you do this introductory experience, there are plenty of opportunities on the UConn campus to further explore product design. UConn has an industrial design concentration within the multidisciplinary engineering major, which is currently in the process of being accredited by ABET. The School of Fine Arts also offers a concentration in industrial design within the fine arts major. Additionally, the Krenicki Institute is an organization founded with the goal of joining the arts and engineering. They offer courses and support in industrial design, even if you are not an industrial design student, through scholarships and courses. Finally, there are a few undergraduate organizations that support students interested in anything related to product design. The 3D Printing Club offers students an environment to learn the ins-and-outs of 3D printing, including using 3D modeling software, which is an important skill for anyone pursuing a career in this field. Formula SAE is another great club for those interested in design and the general engineering process. They design, build, and race a car to compete in a national competition. There are a wide range of tasks and skills needed for this competition, so this is a great place to explore all avenues of engineering, including product design.

Product design is a multifaceted and engaging field for those interested in both the arts and engineering. There are so many ways to explore it, starting with Accenture’s virtual course in it, and continuing through all the great opportunities hosted at UConn. If you consider yourself to be a creative person but also enjoy engineering principles, this is the field for you!

Photo Attribution: Photo by Alvaro Reyes on Unsplash

By Alexandra Carabetta
Alexandra Carabetta