Get Your Start in Entrepreneurship and Innovation!

Are you looking for professional experience in innovation and entrepreneurship? The Forage platform offers an Entrepreneurship and Innovation virtual experience program put together by the Moreton Bay Regional Council. This program will give you insight to the tasks and challenges that entrepreneurs face while helping you to build your experience and confidence in entrepreneurship.

Participants who enroll in this free program will learn about these concepts by completing two key tasks: (1) pitching an idea to get funding and (2) developing a website to sell a service or product. After working on these tasks, you will gain critical communication, design and website-building skills among the many others you will develop.

One participant stated that “The practical approach to learning used by Moreton Bay is totally amazing, because it has pushed [them] to learn how to conduct proper research in business at early stage. [they] absolutely love[d] it.”

This self-paced program takes 2-3 hours to complete giving you the freedom of taking it wherever, whenever. After completing the program, participants receive a certificate perfect for highlighting on your resume or on LinkedIn!

Visit the Center for Career Development Experiences page here to check out more virtual experience opportunities!

Photo Attribution: Photo by Microsoft Edge on Unsplash

By Michelle Shavnya
Michelle Shavnya