Don’t Stress the Career Stuff

The Center of Career Development and all of UConn are here to support you throughout the Semester!

As you start to think of the next steps of your career development and balance the responsibilities you have throughout the semester, remind yourself to take some time for YOU! It can be overwhelming to try to balance all your responsibilities, and sometimes, taking a step back for a couple of moments can be exactly what’s needed to jump right back in refreshed and ready to get things done. Also, note that the Center for Career Development and other organizations at the University of Connecticut are here for you and offer a variety of resources. The Center for Career Development offers resume critiques and practice interviews to help in every step of the professional and job search process. We also have career coaching appointments that can help you prepare for the next steps, set goals, or be there to answer any of your questions!  

Student Health and Wellness offers a wide variety of programs to help you stay happy and healthy this semester! They offer yoga, drop-in mental health office hours, pet therapy, and so much more. Visit their website to learn more.

Whatever your needs are this semester the University of Connecticut has lots to offer, but in the busyness of it all it can be hard to fit in an appointment or get to that next yoga class. In this article there will be some tips that you can practice at home or in your dorm room to keep your mind healthy and active for the semester!

  1. Deep Breathing

On the surface this may seem overly simple or arbitrary as we must breathe every day, but it is something we do unconsciously. The purpose of deep breathing is to bring your focus to just your breathing and allow yourself to be mindful of the breaths you are taking. It provides you and your brain with some much-needed extra oxygen. By taking slow deep breaths you slow your heart rate and allow your nervous system to come to a resting state. If you feel yourself getting overwhelmed taking a step back, straightening your posture, and taking at least 10 deep breaths can bring you back to center.

2. Journaling

Often journaling can get a bad rap, as it can remind us of past assignments or make us feel like we must be good at writing, but this is not the case. Journaling can provide an outlet for overwhelming thoughts and is just for you! It allows you to put your thoughts in a different place than your brain. You can also try creative writing if you don’t feel like writing about your stress. Writing a short story or poem can also give you an outlet for self-expression. Writing about a difficult situation can also help you think of solutions. You can grab a random piece of paper or your favorite notebook and pen and get writing.

3. Exercise

You don’t need to do a whole hour-long workout at the Rec center to get your mind moving! Around the 30-minute mark is when you would typically see positive effects for stress relief, but even a ten-minute moderate exercise can help to improve overall health. Step away from your computer and do a couple of sets of jumping jacks, or if you’re able to, take a walk around campus! Participating in relaxation exercises can also help ease your mind and muscles. We unconsciously are tensing muscles throughout the day as a bodily response to stress. Something to practice when you feel the stress building up is to lie on the ground and tense and relax your muscles. You can start at the bottom with your toes and slowly work your way up. This gives you the power to release the tension that has been stored.

4. Call a Friend

In the busyness of the semester and everyday life, you may lose track of some connections that are important to you. If you’re getting overwhelmed or stressed, you can call up a trusted friend to talk about it or even just for a laugh to help take your mind off your stress for a while. We are all on our phones connecting with people constantly, but physical; verbal communication can help us be intentional about our connections. So, let’s skip the endless scroll on Tik Tok and call a family member, a friend you don’t see at UConn, or a best friend who lives on the other side of campus and have a fun conversation. Laughing with people you enjoy can also help trick your brain into forgetting about stress and take your mind away from the busy world around you!

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, because of that it is important to remind yourself to make time for you. Use this article and the resources talked about above to keep your mind in a positive and healthy space. Stress and overwhelming thoughts can be a lot to handle at first, but they are manageable! Finding your personal favorite way to manage your stress can help you get to know yourself better and feel more relaxed. You can use these tips before an interview to help relieve those nervous jitters or even before an exam. This semester let’s keep ourselves happy, healthy, and successful! Use the Center of Career Development as well, to feel more confident in your career journey and take one thing off your plate!

By Jarrin Araujo
Jarrin Araujo