Student Success Story: An Nguyen

An Nguyen is a junior on the Stamford Campus majoring in Computer Science. He is currently the President of the Google Developer Student Club (GDSC), a Software Engineer intern at Synchrony, and has served as an intern with the IT department at UConn. Learn more about An, GDSC, and how he is taking steps to create and improve students’ experience on campus. 

Tara Malone: Please introduce yourself: major, class year, and current career aspirations: 

An Nguyen: My name is An Nguyen, I am majoring in Computer Science and I am a Junior at UConn Stamford. My current career aspirations are to become a software engineer at a top tech company such as Google. 

TM: What is the Google Developer Student Club? What is your role? Could you give us a little background information on the club? 

AN: The Google Developer Student Club (GDSC) is a student-led organization that aims to help students develop their skills in web and mobile development, and to connect them with industry professionals and resources. As the President of the club, my role is to lead and coordinate the club’s activities and events, and to ensure that the club’s goals and objectives are met. The club was first established at UConn Stamford last year, and we have been working to increase awareness and engagement among students. GDSC is a no-commitment club, so students can choose to engage with us as much as they wish and it’s possible for them.  

TM: What are some of your upcoming plans and goals for the club? 

AN: Our upcoming plans for the club include hosting workshops and guest speaker events to help students develop their skills and connect with industry professionals. We also plan to collaborate with other student organizations to increase the impact of our events and to create more opportunities for students. Our goal is to create a community of students who are passionate about technology and who are interested in developing their skills to help them achieve their career aspirations. 

TM: Before getting involved in the Google Developer Student Club, what other ways have you been involved on campus and how have these experiences enriched your professional development? 

AN: Before getting involved in the Google Developer Student Club, I was actively involved in other student organizations and on-campus jobs at UConn Stamford. I was working for the ITS department of the School of Business for more than a year where I was fortunate enough to be placed in a leading position. This opportunity allowed me to meet and get to know many professors and staff, as well as make valuable connections. Additionally, as a part of my role, I had the opportunity to interact with many students and this helped me to grow my leadership and communication skills, as well as push me out of my comfort zone. I also had the opportunity to be a TA in an intro Engineering class with Professor Iacovacci, which I enjoyed very much as it allowed me to engage and help students. These experiences have helped me to develop a range of skills and connections that have been valuable in my involvement with the GDSC chapter. 

TM: How can students get involved with the Google Developer Student Club? 

AN: Students can get involved with the Google Developer Student Club by attending our events, joining our online community, and participating in our activities. We also welcome students who are interested in taking on leadership roles or positions within the club. We don’t have weekly meetings, but we offer a series in room 3.05, which students can join every Thursday from 5:00 to 6:00 pm to learn different skills. For instance, they can learn how to solve problems in order to pass a technical interview when the time comes for them to apply for jobs.  

TM: What advice do you have for students who are looking to take on a leadership role or a position to enhance their professional development? 

AN: My advice for students who are looking to take on a leadership role or a position to enhance their professional development is to be proactive, to be open to new opportunities, and to be willing to take risks. It is also important to network, seek out mentorship, and be passionate about what you are doing. Lastly, work on developing time management skills (believe me, you will need them), learn how to balance the things in your life, and learn how to delegate work between your officers. That can be hard for some people that have high standards and are perfectionists, but you need to adjust and learn how to work with a team and trust the people you are assigning tasks to.  

TM: Tell me about your experience with the Google NA Connect Summit in Mountain View, San Francisco. 

AN: My experience with the Google NA Connect Summit in Mountain View, San Francisco was an amazing opportunity to connect with other Google communities and to learn about the latest trends and technologies in the tech industry. I had the opportunity to attend keynote speeches, workshops, and networking events, and to meet and connect with other students and industry professionals. This experience has inspired me to continue to pursue my passion for technology and to share my knowledge and experiences with other students. 

TM: Do you have anything else you’d like to share? 

AN: Additionally, I wanted to share that last semester, GDSC had our first successful event, which was a guest speaker session with Susan Lasota, the CTO at State Street. The event was very well-received, and we had almost 100 attendees. We received lots of positive feedback from students who found the session informative and helpful. This success further encouraged and motivated us to plan more events like this in the future. We hope to continue to grow and offer more opportunities for students to learn and connect. Students can expect more to come!  

To learn more about GDSC and be up to date with their events and workshops, please check their linktree to have access to all their social media channels.  

By Tara Malone
Tara Malone Associate Director, Regional Campuses Pronouns: she/her/hers