Interdisciplinary Minors in Science, Data, and Technology 

Are you in a STEM major and looking to expand your horizons beyond STEM? Declaring an interdisciplinary minor is a fantastic way to combine a passion for a STEM field with something in the arts, humanities, business, or even another area of STEM. Here are some ones at UConn to consider! 

Anthropology of Global Health 

Anthropology is the study of humanity: its origins, behaviors, and biology. It is a humanities field that often intersects with STEM, one of these intersections being global health. Anthropology of Global Health is a minor that studies and analyzes health problems from the anthropological perspective. Take courses such as Health Geography: Connecting People, Place, and Health (GEOG 3240) and Race, Culture, and Reproductive Health (ANTH 3320) to fulfill this minor. This minor is a great option for pre-medical and allied health students looking to add a humanities perspective to their time at UConn. 

Entertainment Engineering 

The entertainment engineering minor combines theater with engineering principles for a truly unique STEM experience. Take interesting classes like Stagecraft for Engineers (DRAM 1219) and Scene Construction (DRAM 3201) to complete this minor. This minor also involves hands-on work on many of UConn’s fantastic theater productions. If you are interested in the behind-the-scenes aspects of theater and entertainment, this is the minor for you! 


Bioinformatics is a currently growing field. It combines computer science and biology to further our understanding of both. From modeling proteins, to running evolutionary simulations, the applications of bioinformatics are vast and exciting. Take courses like Introduction to Molecular Evolution and Bioinformatics (MCB 3421), Practical Genomics in Ecology and Evolution (EEB 5300), and Computational Genomics (CSE 3810) in this new and developing field of study to satisfy this minor. 

Industrial Design 

Have you ever wondered why some products look the way they do? Industrial design considers how consumers will use products and designs them to be the easiest and best to use. Industrial design combines principles of art and engineering. Courses like Human Factors in Design (ART/ENGR 3710) and Industrial Design: Form, Structure and Space (ART 3705) can be used towards this minor. If you’re an engineer with a passion for art, this is a wonderful field of study to get involved in. 

Entrepreneurship and Technology Innovation 

The Entrepreneurship and Technology Innovation is a minor offered jointly by the School of Engineering and the School of Business. Those interested in both engineering a product and knowing how to sell it. This minor is especially useful for those wanting to create their own start-up after graduation. Courses like Marketing Planning and Strategy (MKTG 4362) and Business Software Development (OPIM 3220) can be used to fulfill this minor. 

Information Assurance 

Interested in the ever-growing field of information security? The information assurance minor is offered jointly by the School of Engineering and the School of Business. Take courses like IT Security, Governance and Audit (OPIM 3777), Network Design and Applications (OPIM 3222), and Introduction to Hardware Security and Trust (ECE 4451) in this minor. Join an essential field that branches computer science and business with this minor! 

Sustainable Environmental Systems 

Interested in solving problems like climate change through both a scientific and human perspective? The sustainable environmental systems minor, offered jointly by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources, uses information from a wide variety of fields and interests to move our planet to a more sustainable future. This minor requires students to take one class from six different fields: resource management, ecological systems, ethics, values, and culture, built systems, governance and policy, and economics and business. Consider this minor if you like environmental studies and science! 

Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng on Unsplash

By Alexandra Carabetta
Alexandra Carabetta