Cleaning up the ‘Wild West’ of CBD: UConn Startup PCTRx Revolutionizing Industry with Novel Polymer Platform

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a rapidly growing industry. In 2020, just two years after being federally legalized, CBD sales reached $4.6 billion in the U.S.

CBD is a promising medicinal treatment for a range of human ailments including anxiety, insomnia, wound healing, pain, epilepsy, and more.

However, there has been a lack of scientific oversight in the development of new CBD products.

One big issue is that CBD degrades into THC, the psychoactive compound in the cannabis plant, over time with heat. This means when someone buys a commercial CBD product, there could be an unknown level of THC or other unlabeled chemicals in the product, posing serious health and safety risks. CBD can also turn into THC when exposed to acid, like that in the stomach.

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By Anna Zarra Aldrich
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