It’s Not too Late to Find a Summer Internship!

Haven’t found a summer internship? Don’t worry, there is still time! We will go over some helpful resources to aid you in the process.  


The first is our career services platform Handshake. You can search for jobs and internships on the site and filter your searches to find the best potions for you! Through hitting the “All Filters” button you can filter by industry, job roll, specific employers, and majors. You also have the option to search by keyword. I have personally found multiple internships this way and it was even how I found my summer internship! There are still thousands of positions available for the summer! 


Similarly to Handshake, LinkedIn has a job search function. Start by searching by key word and then you can use LinkedIn’s numerous filters to narrow down your search. You can filter by location, experience level, job type, industry, and much more. Make sure to look through the “all filters” button.  

Micro Internships

Another option to build your skill set and gain applicable experience is through virtual micro internships. Forage and Parker Dewey offer great opportunities to work on short term projects and gain certifications that can be featured on your resume and LinkedIn. Through Forage you can complete projects on your own time schedule and receive certifications at the end of each experience. The time commitment ranges from 1-2 hours to 1-2 days. Parker Dewey micro internships offer paid, short-term, project-based work. These projects compensate around $300 and do have deadlines. The time frames range from 2-4 weeks.  

I have personally started the Lululemon marketing experience through forage and have found it easy to navigate and understand. It has helped me take in class content and apply it into a real-world context. The experience has also given me the opportunity to build upon transferable skills such as creativity, time management, and problem solving. Feel free to explore these on the Center of Career Developments career community pages to find the experiences most relevant to you!   

Additional Search Engines can also be used to find internships and other job opportunities. These are organized by career communities/ industry, international Internships, post baccalaureate and gap year, and micro internships.  

Once you secure your internship you may be eligible to receive credit for completing it! Some important details to keep in mind are…  

  • Deadlines: Internship credit must be apporved before the start of the semester/ summer session for which you hope to Earn Credit for. 
  • Cost: Students are responsible for any fees or hcarges related to earning academic credit. If an undergraduate student elects to earn credit for an internship, they will be charged tuition based on the number of credits earned. Information on fees for summer internships can be found here:   
  • Eligibility: Academic credit does not equal compensation. Only the University can determine if your internship opportunity is eligible for credit, not the employer.  

The Center of Career Development is here to support you and help you succeed! If you would like to gain more information or need any assistance kicking off your internship search, please consider making a career coaching appointment through Handshake! You can also contact if you have any questions! Good luck!  

Photo by Flipsnack on Unsplash

By Jarrin Araujo
Jarrin Araujo