Top Three Tech Jobs for Veterans

Have you wondered what the best career fit is for you after your service to our Nation? Do you know the top three tech jobs for former service members?… Look no further than this blog:

Computer Information’s Systems Manager

In the role of CIS Manager, it will be your responsibility to oversee all computer-related activities for the organization you are working for. Some of the other duties might include upgrading company-wide software and equipment and managing the personnel working with you. According to “G.I Jobs,” the median salary a person can expect to make in this role is around $151,154. This role is projected to grow around 11% through 2030 according to the same website. The education/experience needed is a master’s degree, and a bachelor’s degree in computer or information science and related work experience. For more information check out the job market insight: 

Software Applications Developer 

A software applications developer, according to G.I Jobs, implements software and hardware solutions to protect your company’s computer networks, as well as their systems. The median salary for this job is around $103,584 and is expected to grow around 33% through the year 2030. The education/experience needed for this position is a bachelor’s degree or different certifications, with relevant experience. For more information check out the job market insight: 

Computer Systems Analyst 

As a computer systems analyst your role, according to G.I Jobs, will be to evaluate your employer’s overall computer systems, recommend solutions, upgrades, and related procedures. The median salary for this position is around $93,725. The job is projected to grow around 7% through 2030. The preferred degree for this role is a bachelor’s degree, with experience in computer programming or IT. For more information check out the job market insight: 

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Information sourced from: “The Top 25 BEST Jobs for Veterans in 2022”, by G.I. Jobs

By Andrew Lanza
Andrew Lanza