The Career Competency Series: Resources and Support

Note: This blog is the third in a series of blogs. Click here to read Part 1: The What and the Why. Click here to read Part 2: The Who and How.

The Center for Career Development offers many resources and services to support instructors with the integration of career readiness content into their courses. Beyond resources offered on our website, a HuskyCT organization has been developed which houses sample syllabi language, career development and competency assignment examples, and career advising resources. The Center also offers student-facing Career Development modules that can be copied over to instructor’s courses or students can request enrollment. The modules consist of the following topics: résumé, cover letter, LinkedIn, interviewing, and informational interviews. These modules are self-paced and a la carte, meaning that they meet students where they are at in their career journey. To gain access to the HuskyCT organization, modules, or have them copied over to your course(s), complete this request form

Another way to ensure that your students will have post-graduation success is to introduce them to someone who has sat in their seat. The Center supports this idea by connecting instructors with alumni or employers for networking opportunities. Take advantage of this by completing a request form or encouraging your students to explore HuskyLink, a career services platform that connects students with alumni to build confidence and social capital. You can also request a Center staff to come into your classroom to speak with your students on various career-related topics such as tailoring a resume, CV, or industry trends.

In my role, I collaborate with faculty to integrate career readiness strategies and language into the curriculum through the use of syllabi, assignments, activities, and assessments. Students are already being encouraged to think critically, work in teams, showcase written and verbal communication, amongst many other skills. As noted in the second blog of this series, after instructors are aware of where the NACE career competencies reside in their curriculum, it is then important for instructors to make the connection between action and competency through alignment. With my background in curriculum and instruction, I will help to highlight these skills in the syllabus, create opportunities within a course to develop core career competencies, and seamlessly integrate career readiness activities. I can also help to customize the HuskyCT career development modules mentioned above to meet the objectives of your course while supporting students in their career goals. Interested? Reach out to me via email,

By Kaitlyn Anderson
Kaitlyn Anderson Career Readiness Program Designer