Inside Autism Acceptance in the Workplace with 20+ Companies

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Inside Autism Acceptance in the Workplace with 20+ Companies was originally published on Power to Fly.

Only 22% of autistic adults are in any kind of employment according to the National Autistic Society. This statistic clearly represents the strides we still need to make to improve autism and wider neurodivergent acceptance in the workplace.

Embracing autism acceptance means fostering a culture that appreciates and values neurodiversity. It means understanding that individuals on the autism spectrum bring unique perspectives, skills, and talents to the table. By creating inclusive environments that accommodate diverse ways of thinking and working, we not only empower autistic individuals to thrive professionally but also enrich our teams and organizations as a whole.

As we work toward creating more inclusive environments where all employees, regardless of neurodiversity, can excel and contribute meaningfully, we asked 20+ companies to share how they support individuals on the autism spectrum.


Diversity at the heart of everything.

Google has long been noted as a trailblazer in recruiting, hiring, and retaining employees with disabilities. Its employees founded The Disability Alliance, a community that supports each other and builds awareness about disability inclusion throughout the company.

Google launched the Autism Career Program in 2021. Google’s goal is to empower employees to work effectively and empathetically with autistic candidates and ensure Google’s onboarding processes are accessible and equitable.

Building workplaces for everyone is a fundamental part of attracting and retaining diverse teams. And that trickles down in everything you do as a business. If there’s a diverse team behind it, your work will inherently be more authentic and universally accessible.

Learn more about Google.

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At ServiceNow, we aim to create a safe space for all neurodiverse employees and their allies to have a voice and share their unique experiences at work. We celebrate the unique differences they bring to our culture and their contributions to our company. We conduct independent neuroinclusion audits for our trainings and the ServiceNow platform. To drive internal advocacy and community-building, our employee belonging group, TruAbility, hosts roundtable and panel discussions about neurodiversity and the experience of neurodivergent employees. During hiring and employment, we offer individual accommodations and support. We’re also driving a neuroinclusive world through grant partnerships, recruitment programs, and leveraging ServiceNow’s ecosystem to ensure our partners are driving neurodiversity in their efforts as well.

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One way Stryker takes a holistic approach to diversity, equity and inclusion is by empowering employees with autism and other disabilities. Stryker’s Allies for All Abilities (3A) employee resource group is a testament to our commitment to creating a supportive environment for employees with visible and invisible disabilities. 3A members across the globe highlight and amplify the support and resources that are accessible to foster an inclusive work culture where everyone feels seen, heard and valued.

One example of our commitment to making Stryker a welcoming and inclusive workplace for all is our ‘Ability at Work’ program in Cork, Ireland, where we provide meaningful employment opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities and/or autism.

Learn more about how 3A champions this work each day with, “Meet Allies for All Abilities”.

Learn more about Stryker.

UnitedHealth Group

At UnitedHealth Group, we support neurodiverse talent with initiatives like our Embrace Neurodiversity in the Workplace online community and our Disability Inclusion Employee Resource Group. Both empower talent to reach their full potential while helping everyone learn more about how we can be more inclusive as an organization. We also provide specialized training for supervisors and coworkers on how to best support neurodivergent colleagues. Check out our video where team members share what Neurodiversity Celebration Month means to them.

Learn more about UnitedHealth Group.

Tandem Diabetes Care

Tandem Diabetes Care collaborates with the National Foundation of Autism (NFAR) year-round, engaging in activities such as mock interviews, resume reviews, and site visits to drive neurodiversity employment. This month, we’re excited to host a Neurodiversity Awareness Training session with a guest speaker from NFAR. Attendees will gain insights into the advantages of neurodiversity in the workplace and learn how to support neurodivergent individuals as allies.

Learn more about Tandem Diabetes Care.

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The Moody’s EnAble and Minds Business Resource Groups strive to empower employees and raise awareness on Autism and Neurodiversity by offering myriad discussions and events over the past few months. The employee Neurodiversity Support Group is a safe place for neurodivergent employees to meet regularly to discuss resources, challenges, and share strategies for navigating their everyday experiences. In addition the “Autism Misconceptions” and “Neurodiversity Understood” events offered employees deeper understanding of various aspects of autism and how to improve inclusion in the work environment.

Learn more about Moody’s.


At Vizient, we are committed to creating an inclusive and supportive environment for all employees. We strive to provide reasonable accommodations, such as flexible work schedules, assistive technologies, and customized training programs, to ensure that every employee can thrive in their role.

Our Ability@Vizient DNA (Diversity Networking Association) is dedicated to fostering an environment that understands, accommodates, and leverages the whole of a person’s abilities and mental health. Additionally, we partner with Disability:IN, an organization that empowers businesses to achieve disability inclusion and equality, to provide us with valuable resources and expertise to strengthen our disability inclusion initiatives.

We regularly host webinars disability etiquette and enterprise-wide events to hear the experiences of Vizient employees on navigating the workplace as neurodiverse individuals.

By fostering a culture of inclusivity and empathy, we aim to empower all employees to reach their full potential.

Learn more about Vizient.

Expedia Group

At Expedia Group, our AIM (ability inclusion movement) group is dedicated to creating an environment where every person—regardless of disability status—is strong, safe, empowered and heard. Here are a few ways we partner with AIM to support employees with Autism:

  • We have a Slack support group for Expedians living and working with ADHD, autism, or other neurodivergence, and parents or caregivers of persons with neurodivergence
  • We have a “Mental Illness & Neurodiversity at Work” employee training course
  • This month, AIM board members are posting an autism-related story each week on internal channels

Learn more about Expedia Group.

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Cummins Inc. emphasizes diversity and inclusion as fundamental principles driving its success in delivering solutions to customers and communities. Recently, the company announced Aspirational Representation Goals (ARGs) for people with disabilities, aiming to have them represent over 7% of its global workforce, reflecting their substantial presence worldwide. Through its Global Disability Inclusion initiative, Cummins aims to create an accessible, inclusive workplace, with the new aspirational employment representation goal for people with disabilities demonstrating its ongoing commitment to this endeavor.

Learn more about Cummins.

S&P Global

At S&P Global, we are a people first organization that advocates for equal opportunities and creates an environment where everyone feels valued and empowered to thrive. Throughout April we will be partnering with our Reach People Resource Group to celebrate Autism Acceptance Month and the unique strengths, talents, and perspectives that individuals on the autism spectrum bring to our communities and workplaces. Our Reach PRG is integral in strengthening S&P Global’s DEI strategy by improving accessibility for continuous innovation, as well as fostering an environment where people with disabilities—whether apparent or nonapparent—are embraced, supported, and allowed to succeed.

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At Visa, we believe our employees are our most important assets, each with their unique needs and contributions. We are committed to caring for the whole unique individual, tailoring a globally unified experience to reflect the diverse and individual needs of our employees across all regions. This includes our unwavering commitment to empower and represent employees with both visible and invisible disabilities, as well as their careers and allies. Our goal is to provide a safe and supportive workplace where every individual, including those with disabilities and their allies, can share their stories, be heard, and feel supported. Visa also extends its support to our neurodiverse employees in a variety of ways, acknowledging and respecting the richness of their contributions to our collective success.

April is Autism Awareness Month. Visa’s Viable Employee Resource Group (ERG) will be hosting a speaker series and events to include topics on managing a neurodiverse workforce, learning difference, and autism for personal and professional growth. Throughout the year, we host events such as our NAMIWalks to encourage wellness, conversations on mental health and neurodiversity, and to build community with our ERG members and allies. When considering hiring neurodiverse people, we leverage technology tools that enable us to use more inclusive language, a focus on job requirements, and avoid overgeneralizing.

In addition, Visa also provides comprehensive health and wellbeing programs to support holistic wellbeing. This includes onsite gyms, group exercise classes, fitness membership discounts, backup child and elder care, emergency family leave, and new parent support.

Learn more about Visa.

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SoftwareOne is proud of our work in creating an inclusive work environment for our neurodivergent employees. Our skills-based interviewing addresses a significant hurdle in securing employment faced by individuals on the spectrum. When facilitating large events, SoftwareOne ensures a quiet room near the main event space is accessible for those needing a moment to themselves. Further, in 2023, SoftwareOne piloted its Autism Hiring Program in partnership with UNC TEACCH and NC Autism Society. Additionally, accessibility tools come standard on all company-issued laptops/desktops so that they are readily available to anyone who needs them. SoftwareOne prioritizes support for all individuals on the spectrum so they can show up authentically in their beautifully diverse ways.

Learn more about SoftwareOne.

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Northrop Grumman

At Northrop Grumman, we are committed to ensuring everyone has access to the resources needed to thrive in life. Our employees and family members with autism or special needs can speak with a counselor for resources about relationships, stress and anxiety, workplace accommodations and more through our Employee Assistance Program (EAP), NGCare. Additionally, employees can join our disabilities and allies Employee Resource Group, which is expanding to include a neuro-diverse community. Employees with special needs children can access our Bright Horizons Special NeedsTM program with an interactive learning center and expert-led webinars on topics including neurodiversity, Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD and more.

Learn more about Northrop Grumman.


Reddit fosters a safe and inclusive workplace culture while offering support, resources, and accommodations for employee needs. We have a flexible work policy that provides support and opportunities for employees to work remotely or in one of our Reddit offices, many of which have spaces designed to minimize sensory distractions for autistic individuals. In addition, we offer elevated employee programming and inclusive training focused on diverse learning and communication styles. Our employee offerings also include comprehensive healthcare benefits along with a reimbursement program for wellness and therapeutic visits not covered by insurance. Many of our employees have also carved out space to help build a healthy, inclusive, and supportive community for everyone. Notably, Reddit’s Ability Employee Resource Group (ERG) supports employees with disabilities, advocates for their needs, and provides a community of others with autism and other neuro diversities and disabilities.

Learn more about Reddit.


Shure is proud to celebrate World Autism Awareness Month. As part of our continued commitment to a diverse and inclusive workplace, Shure partners with organizations who share in our core values. As part of our journey, we are proud to partner with The Cove School who serves students in grades K-12 and young adults with learning disabilities to help them develop the skills and self-confidence required to successfully transition into new opportunities. In collaboration with The Cove School, we have several young adults interning with us to gain hands on work experience alongside Shure Associates that will contribute to their future success as professionals. Join us in creating a world that works for everyone.

Learn more about Shure.

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Collins Aerospace

Our abilities Employee Resource Group (ERG), RTX Abled & Disabled Associates Partnering Together (ADAPT), is hosting several engaging events to help raise awareness about autism in the workplace throughout the month of April. For example, the ERG will host a series of virtual Neurodiversity discussion hours every other week to support and enable those who are neurodiverse and/or close to someone with Neurodiversity. Collins Aerospace demonstrates its commitment to supporting employees with autism year-round by offering flexible work arrangements, inclusive benefits, and fostering a culture built on empowerment for all team members.

Learn more about Collins Aerospace.

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At Veracode, inclusivity is rooted in our core values. As World Autism Awareness Month approaches, we reflect on our commitment to supporting neurodiversity among our colleagues. Through self-paced learning resources, all employees can access content covering autism and broader neurodiversity topics. This year, we’re excited to introduce a guest speaker program. They will collaborate with Veracoders to help us understand diverse perspectives, enhance collaboration with neurodiverse individuals, and cultivate an inclusive environment.

Learn more about Veracode.


Workiva is committed to fostering an inclusive work environment that supports all employees. Our Disabilities Business Employee Resource Group (BERG) creates a safe and empathetic space to learn and share unique challenges faced in and out of the workplace. Through group discussions, workshops, educational resources and opportunities to hear from outside experts, BERG members and allies continue to raise awareness and take action to support neurodiverse employees at Workiva – autism is a topic that frequently comes up within the group. The BERG recently hosted informational sessions with our Employee Assistance Program provider focused on how employees can utilize this free benefit to support them and their families!

Learn more about Workiva.


Autodesk recognizes Autism & Neurodivergent Acceptance Month in partnership with our employee resource group MIND Network (Mental Inclusion, Neurodivergence, & Disability). In addition to hosting an all-employee event about neurodivergence, neuroinclusivity, and neuroaffirming tips, we’ll also share ERG member stories, offer trainings, and host a panel discussion on inclusive mentorship. Beyond April, we support neurodivergent employees year-round by offering comprehensive assistance through various programs, including access to mental health care, resources for individuals and caregivers, professional coaching, accommodations, educational courses, and mentorship within employee resource groups, all to ensure a supportive and inclusive workplace environmentLearn more about Autodesk Careers.

Learn more about Autodesk.

Freddie Mac

Freddie Mac was one of the first companies to create a program, “Neurodiversity at Work,” focused on the needs of neurodiverse people, creating opportunities for untapped talent. The program was established in 2012, focusing on hiring individuals with autism spectrum disorder. It expanded to include full-time employees in 2020, marking significant progress toward fostering inclusivity. The Abilities Business Resource Group aims to create a culture of understanding and acceptance through every stage of the employee lifecycle. In partnership with Rangam/SourcedAbled to support our Neurodiversity at Work Program, we continue to enhance our on-the-job coaching, training, counseling, and recruitment. In 2023, Freddie Mac hosted an art show with Zenaviv, featuring neurodivergent artists called “Behind the Canvas: Celebrating Neurodivergence and Home.” The event included a panel discussion and the display of numerous works—some of which remain at Freddie Mac’s headquarters. We continue to cultivate a Home of Inclusion for all individuals by providing programming throughout the year.

Learn more about Freddie Mac.

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Great Minds Think Differently

The Invesco Neurodiversity Network increases awareness and promotes dialogue on how to create a more inclusive environment for neurodiverse individuals. Throughout April, the employee-led resource group has programs around the theme Great Minds Think Differently.

Events include Rock Your Socks Day where employees wear colorful socks for neurodiversity awareness, informal in-person local coffee chats highlighting the strengths and unique abilities of neurodiverse individuals in a safe and supportive environment and an interactive, virtual fireside chat where two Neurodiversity Network members share their personal journey achieving career success while navigating challenges.

Learn more about Invesco.

Invitation from Invesco to attend their Neurodiversity Works: Fireside Chat on April 9th and rock Your Socks on April 3rd
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