Using AI to Your Advantage When Becoming Career Ready

When using ChatGPT or other Generative AI platforms, it is important to think of these programs as a tool to enhance the development of materials and content, and not a replacement.

By Nancy Bilmes
Nancy Bilmes Director (she/her)
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Latinx Students: Leveraging your Cultural Capital and Ways to Get Involved During Latinx Heritage Month and Beyond.

Celebrate Latinx heritage today and every day! Read on to learn about resources available to the Latinx community and explore professional development opportunities.

By Ellenese Espaillat
Ellenese Espaillat
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Enhancing Career Readiness – Doctoral Students in Leadership Roles

How can being in a leadership role enhance your career readiness? Hear from Lauren Dougher, former President of the Graduate Employe & Postdoc Union on her experiences!

By Damiao Zoe Xu
Damiao Zoe Xu Graduate Assistant, Graduate Student and Postdoc Career Programs and Services (She/Her/Hers)
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5 Free Resources to Gain Technical Skills

In today’s world of advanced technology and media, many people feel it is necessary to develop their technical skills to obtain an internship or job. While expanding your technical knowledge is important and could be valuable in your career, many …

By Taylor Fenerty
Taylor Fenerty Outreach and Engagement Intern
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Turn Your Greek Org. Experience into a Resume Booster

What do Kamala Harris and Phylicia Rashad have in common? They are a part of the Divine Nine;’ Historically Black sororities and fraternities that make up the Pan-Hellenic council incorporation in the twentieth century. These sororities and fraternities include: ‘Alpha …

By Chelsea Osei
Chelsea Osei
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Summer Camps: The Work Experience You Didn’t Know You Needed

At any age, from high school to college to beyond, becoming a summer camp counselor can be one of the most rewarding experiences you can have outside of the classroom- and a great career decision. There are so many benefits …

By Clarice Pennock
Clarice Pennock Career Intern
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Studying abroad? Gain a competitive edge with your experiences.

So how much impact can studying abroad have on your employment prospects? According to a 2012 study of recent graduates, 84% of graduates report that their study abroad experience was effective in building job related skills and almost 80% felt …

By Eran Peterson
Eran Peterson Associate Director, Student Engagement
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