Building a Faith-Based Professional Network

For religious college students, it may seem like the journey towards professional success excludes your beliefs, but by building a professional network with individuals who share similar values can help you feel a sense of unity.

By Maryam Mageed
Maryam Mageed
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5 Ways to Develop Credibility as a Woman in a Corporate Role 

Utilizing strategies to develop credibility can help ease feelings of imposter syndrome and build confidence in the workplace.

By Taylor Czmyr
Taylor Czmyr
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How to Maintain a Successful LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a useful tool in expanding your professional network and building connections. It is also used by hiring managers and recruiters to reach out to you, and maintaining a successful LinkedIn account can help you in presenting your best professional self!

By Kyleigh Flannigan
Kyleigh Flannigan
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Informational Interview with a Health Insurance Professional

Informational interviews are a great way to learn more about a career path and can assist you with deciding on your own. John Dean, employee at Aetna, a CVS Health Company, shares his experience as well as advice for students pursuing Actuarial Science or a related field.

By Taylor Czmyr
Taylor Czmyr
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Networking Advice: The Informational Interview

Informational Interviews are an excellent method to gain industry insights, receive helpful advice, and start to build connections.

By Lisa McGuire
Lisa McGuire Associate Director, Corporate Partner Relations
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Building a Professional Network in a New Company: Best Practices

You’re new to a company, and you hardly know any of your colleagues.

At your previous organization, you got to know everyone in your department, as well as connected with folks in other sectors, but you feel adrift in your …

By Ivy Exec
Ivy Exec is your dedicated career development resource.
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Informational Interview with a Chief Compliance Officer at Aetna Insurance

To get to know a certain industry or career, you can invite professional connections to meet for an informational interview. Reaching out to a UConn alum in the industry you’re interested in can help you navigate your own career journey.

By Caty Jhong
Caty Jhong
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Virtual Job Shadowing: A New Path to Explore Your Dream Career

Take advantage of this new way to explore different career paths! From interactive videos to virtual tours, there are a variety of ways for you to experience day-to-day tasks from the comfort of your home.

By Ge Li
Ge Li
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Networking Tips for Entrepreneurs with Disabilities 

Why is networking beneficial? What kinds of barriers do entrepreneurs with disabilities face when trying to network? Learn the answer to both these questions and more tips on networking as an entrepreneur with a disability.

By Lily Guberman
Lily Guberman Marketing Assistant
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3 Reasons Why Becoming a Member of Prospanica Can Be a #MajorKey to your Success 

Networking and continued education are essential elements of effective career and self-development. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, career and self-development are “proactively developing oneself and one’s career through continual personal and professional learning, awareness of one’s strengths and weaknesses, navigation of career opportunities, and networking to build relationships within …

By Wiley Dawson
Wiley Dawson Assistant Director, Hartford Campus (He, Him, His)
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