Beth Settje

Associate Director

Beth Settje

Beth Settje has been working in higher education for close to 30 years and at UConn since 2001. She has held a few different roles in the department, currently serving as the Associate Director, College to Career Transitions and Alumni Engagement. Her efforts will focus on students finishing their experience in college or graduate school and preparing for what is next. She will also address transitioning into the first year of a graduate program or work. Lastly, her work will include reaching out to alumni regarding their career development needs as well as ways they want to support current students with mentoring, networking and general career support. Beth is the instructor for the department’s Senior Year Experience course, a one credit class open to graduating undergraduates; she also organizes and schedules small and large programming to prepare students for life after graduation.

Beth is a strong advocate for students figuring out their academic and career paths, understanding the route is not always clearly marked and that detours often lead to new, unexpected discoveries. Her favorite career theory is Planned Happenstance, which emphasizes creating or taking advantage of the different opportunities that present themselves each day. She encourages students to trust and believe in themselves, as they figure out their choices.

Beth earned her Bachelor of Science in Business (Marketing major/English minor) from Beaver College (now Arcadia University) and her Masters of Education in College Student Personnel from the University of Maryland, College Park. Her favorite undergraduate course was Business Writing and she uses elements of that course in her daily work at the CCD. She is also a proud mom to a UConn student and wife to a UConn alum.

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Are Winter Internships Real?


Students come into the Center for Career Development all the time, happy to announce that they have found an opportunity over winter break that an employer calls an internship. The student is hoping to earn credit for being part of …

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Summer and Fall Internships – Yours for the Taking

internship picture for blog

It is still possible to acquire an internship for summer 2015! It may only last 8-10 weeks, but that is considered a viable time period for an internship, for you to absorb some industry culture and do a project or …

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Be That Pharmacist

pharmacy photo

Recently I went to my local pharmacy to pick up some vitamins. The product I wanted was not on the shelf, so I asked the pharmacist about it. Turns out, another customer had ordered something similar to what I wanted …

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Developing My Personal Brand

How to Cream the Dreaded Telephone Interview – Image  2

A few years ago, I heard a young man speak about his father’s influence on the family. The father established expectations for his children, for them to behave and act a certain way when they left the house. He indicated …

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Time Management, Career Style


Many articles and strategies reference ways to organize your time when you are a student. They speak to compartmentalizing experiences, blocking off hours to complete a project, save time for recreation, eating and sleeping, etc. When it comes to making …

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CPA: Connecticut Pharmacists Association

CPA Logo

Joining a professional association as a student is an excellent investment in your career. You will learn about trends in the field, interact with industry professionals – both seasoned and new, as well as have opportunities to further your education even …

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What Makes a Good Pharmacy Internship, Good?


Internships serve a definitive purpose for both the student and the employer. The student typically takes an internship to get relevant experience, to solidify a career path and/or to make significant networking connections. Employers hire interns as part of a …

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Interviewing Tips for the Pharmacy Student

Interview in Progress Photo

Pharmacy students are expected to have hundreds of hours in related experiences, as they move through Pharmacy school toward their degree and a full-time job. To gain this experience, they are participating in internships, residencies, fellowships, research, service projects, and …

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Pharmacists – What Skills Do You Need To Excel?


Certain skillsets are more suited to a career in pharmacy than others. Based on the career track – community, research, or industry/sales, different skills are emphasized for each. According to, a web based tool that outlines details about thousands …

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Develop and Deliver Your Brand: Third Annual Professional Development Conference


Attention juniors and seniors – the Center for Career Development, along with the Alumni Association, Hillel, Honors, CLAS, Senior Transition and Engagement Programs, and SUBOG/Synergy, is pleased to announce the Third Annual Professional Development Conference (PDC) will take place on …

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