Chelsea Osei

Chelsea Osei

Name: Chelsea Osei 

Pronouns (optional): she/her/hers 

Year: 2022 

Major: Human Developmental Family Sciences 

 Hometown: West Haven, CT 

How have you personally used and benefitted from the Center for Career Development? 

I started attending the career center in my sophomore year. I initially went in wanting my resume to look more professional using my professional experience. After one session I realized I would use my educational experiences to highlight my skills for future employers in addition to my work experience. This gave me the confidence to be able to apply to more jobs I felt were” put of my league” because the truth was, I was more than qualified for this job even if I never had direct job experience. The career center helped me realize I had skillsets that related to the jobs I wanted making me an ideal candidate. 

What are your future career goals? 

My ultimate career is to become a lawyer 

 What are some extracurricular activities you are involved in? 

My first two years at UConn Stamford I was the secretary for African student Association and  Black Student Union 

My junior year I was a part of the East Hall association 

I am a member of the Pre-law association 

What would you say to a student who has never visited the Center for Career Development before? 

I understand if you feel as though you don’t “need it” because you’re not ready to look for a job but the career center is to help compliment your education and give you options for your future. I would say come at least one time during you time at UCONN because you will often find resources you never knew existed because it’s never too early to start building job experience.   




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