Gabrielle Carver

Corporate Partner Relations Coordinator

Gabrielle Carver

Gabrielle Carver is the Corporate Partner Relations Coordinator at the Center for Career Development. As the coordinator, Gabrielle manages activities and programs supporting the Center’s employer engagement strategies and Corporate Partner Relations team. Additionally, Gabrielle supports day-to-day administrative duties of the team, and manages large-scale programs & events, including the annual career fairs. Prior to joining UConn in December 2019, Gabrielle received her bachelor’s degree in Hospitality & Tourism Management and worked in various customer service roles, focusing on sales and operations.

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What Types of Skills are Best for an Education Major?

Educator holding drawing of lightbulb.

A scientist, an actor, a chief executive officer and a philanthropist. What do these four professions have in common? They all possess skills that you will need as an educator.

This is because the list of abilities that define an …

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Is a National Service Year for You? Tips from an AmeriCorps Alum

Teacher working with young children.

Are you in the midst of earning a degree, but unsure about the career direction you want to take after graduation? Or are you looking to make a change from your current day-to-day? Then a national service year might be …

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