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Ballard Forum Highlights Links Between Puppetry and Engineering

Visitors to the Puppet Arts Complex at UConn’s Depot Campus will find that in addition to classrooms, offices, and performance rehearsal space, the largest area of the complex is the workshop where puppets in various stages of design, construction, and …

By Kenneth Best
Kenneth Best UConn Public Relations Associate
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UConn Engineering Professor Finds A Way to Improve Life With Facemasks

Facemasks have become a ubiquitous necessity as one of the best ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The pandemic has dramatically increased the demand for masks and created an environmental problem. Many people do not dispose of their masks …

By Anna Zarra Aldrich
Anna Zarra Aldrich
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Why UConn Engineers Should Learn Sales

Have you ever thought about a career in sales? Flow Tech’s owner posed me this question in the spring of 2009, in the middle of the Rome Ballroom during the UConn Engineering Career Fair.

How do I answer this correctly? …

By Michael O. Davis, PE
Michael O. Davis, PE Sales Engineer
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Landing an Internship as a First Year Student

As a first-year student, finding an internship can be a daunting task. It’s a chicken-and-egg problem. You want an internship to get experience, but you need experience to get an internship.

That was definitely one of my worries going into …

By Victoria Song
Victoria Song
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Student Success Story – Jakob Lopez

Jakob Lopez ’21 (CLAS) has become a leader in his hometown of Manchester even before he earns his undergraduate degree from UConn.

An urban and community studies major, Lopez serves as the Diversity and Equity Inclusions Coordinator for the town’s …

By Mike Enright
Mike Enright Media Services Associate
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How to get involved at the Puerto Rican/Latin American Cultural Center (PRLACC)

Feels like yesterday, I was walking into the Student Union and I walked to the ballroom and there, I met my mentor from METAS (Mentoring, Educating, and Transforming to Achieve Success). I was so nervous because I came from a …

By Kimberly Escobar
Kimberly Escobar
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Alumni Success Story: Jason

In many ways, there’s a lot to thank UConn’s Center for Students with Disabilities for when it came to me eventually finding my way to my current full-time job. Particularly with the assistance of Associate Director Christine Wenzel, her department …

By Jason
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My Experience as a Distance Learning Elementary School Intern

Distance learning with elementary students is an entirely different experience from working with them in-person. Everything I imagined my internship to me is different from what I expected. Despite this, there are still opportunities to learn and grow as an …

By Kimy Velasquez
Kimy Velasquez
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The Hayley Petit Fellowship At Connecticut Children’s Injury Prevention Center

In the current climate where self-quarantine is recommended, I was able to have a fulfilling and truly unforgettable experience over the summer because of the Hayley Petit Fellowship at the Injury Prevention Center (IPC) in Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.

As …

By Cindy Pan
Cindy Pan
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What is Lifestyle Medicine? – A Guide to Terminology

Have you heard terms like Lifestyle Medicine, Integrative Medicine, and Holistic Medicine being thrown around in media and with friends? Maybe you have an idea that these things share a common thread of treating the whole person rather than one …

By Haley Bevza Brennan
Haley Bevza Brennan
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