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Class of 2020, We Need You!

Embrace this difficult moment, and move forward hard and engaged.


Class of 2020 Huskies,

I do not know exactly what you’re going through. No one can; no script explains all of this right now.

What you’re experiencing is the …

By John Sponauer
John Sponauer Vice President of Marketing Communications and Philanthropic Giving
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Graduate Student Success Story – Sarah McAnulty


Molecular and cell biology assistant research professor Sarah McAnulty made a splash in December 2018 when she was quoted in various national media outlets calling out Apple’s squid emoji for being anatomically incorrect. The placement of the squid’s siphon, McAnulty …

By Julie Bartucca
Julie Bartucca Managing Editor
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Student Success Story – Peter Goggins


As a kid, Peter Goggins spent lazy summer days trawling a dragnet along the shore in Clinton, scooping up minnows, baby bluefish, and sea robins.

As he got older, he bought a dinghy and a fishing pole and continued his …

By Claire Hall
Claire Hall Professional Staff
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I Sent LinkedIn Messages Until I Got a Dream Job in Politics


I graduated with a master’s degree from UConn’s Higher Education and Student Affairs Program in 2018, with a plan to work in higher education long-term. Soon after, I began volunteering regularly with my town’s political committee, and I even ran …

By Julia Anderson
Julia Anderson Policy Analyst
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There is No Perfect Major for Pre-Med


It’s a common misconception among pre-med students that certain majors are more advantageous for getting into medical school. Many students assume that medical schools prefer STEM majors, especially biology majors. In reality, medical schools are looking for diverse candidates from …

By Katerine Pais
Katerine Pais Academic Advisor
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Allied Health Major Goes From Ergonomics Intern to Full-Time Consultant


Meet undergraduate student Megan Sargisian

Megan Sargisian

At the end of her junior year, allied health sciences major Megan Sargisian was uncertain about a future career. Despite having no background in insurance, she took a chance on a summer internship …

By Jason M. Sheldon
Jason M. Sheldon Marketing & Publicity Coordinator
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Using “The Major Experience” Resource for Major Exploration

Students demonstrating The Major Experience online tool.

The Major Experience (TME) is a partnership between the Academic Center for Exploratory Students, Center for Career Development, and various University departments, and is dedicated exclusively to major exploration. TME helps students explore majors by facilitating peer-to-peer connections through TME …

By Jillian Johnston
Jillian Johnston Academic Advisor
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UConn Migrant Farm Worker Clinic

Volunteers at a UConn Health Migrant Farm Worker Clinic.

The UConn Migrant Farm Worker Clinic is a clinic devoted to providing free medical care to the underserved population of migrant farm workers in Connecticut. These farm workers come to the United States from abroad on a work visa to …

By Natalie Nanez
Natalie Nanez
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Connecticut Environmental Action Day

Slow moving river.

Stacey Sterns, Marc Cournoyer, and Jennifer Cushman wanted to create a sub-committee to develop digital kits for middle school students for Connecticut Environmental Action Day, so they introduced the Change Grant opportunity to Maggi Anstett, Madeline Williams, and Margaret Sanders.

By Madeline Williams
Madeline Williams
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Five Ways to Show Inclusivity This Holiday Season


Between themed decorations, movies, foods, and greetings, it is often easy to spot when holiday seasons arrive in the United States. The period between November and December is when many individuals gather with friends and family, acknowledging various religious and …

By Ana Clara Blesso & Kristen Soprano
Ana Clara Blesso & Kristen Soprano
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