Career Fairs and Events

Celebrating Women’s History Month at the Spring Career Fair

Celebrating Women’s History Month at the Spring Career Fair thumbnail image

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, it seems appropriate to celebrate these strong female leaders representing organizations that recruit with UConn! When starting your career journey, it is not only important to think about what type of role you want, …

By Gabrielle Comella
Gabrielle Comella Corporate Partner Relations Coordinator Gabrielle Comella
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Virtual One-on-One Sessions: The 8 Tips You Need to Know Before Meeting an Employer

Woman on Video Call

How to make the best impression during one-on-one meetings.
How to prepare for your one-on-one
1. Set up a dedicated space

A little planning goes a long way in finding the right spot to conduct your one-on-one sessions. A few …

By Evan McMunn
Evan McMunn Publicity and Marketing Administrator Evan McMunn
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Goldman Sachs Undergrad Virtual Insight Series


Goldman Sachs Undergrad Virtual Insight Series is an interactive multi-day, flexible program to accommodate with your schedule. This program is for current college freshman and sophomores. The program is open to all majors and provides to students an introduction to …

By Katarzyna Paszek
Katarzyna Paszek Profile Picture
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3 Steps UConn Students Should Take After a Virtual Session with an Employer

Student on laptop

What to do after your virtual session to leave a great impression with employers.

If you’ve just finished attending a virtual recruiting event, you may be thinking, “Now what?” How do you keep the momentum going, and secure a potential internship …

By Evan McMunn
Evan McMunn Publicity and Marketing Administrator Evan McMunn
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Join the NSA for their Virtual Career Invitational for People with Disabilities!


What is the National Security Agency (NSA)?

The National Security Agency (NSA) leads the U.S. government in cryptology, also known as the art and science of making and breaking codes. This includes working with both signal intelligence (communication systems, radars, weapon …

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Learn about Green Careers through the Office of Sustainability’s Green Careers Panel


Have you thought about pursuing a Green Career but want to hear more from individuals currently in the field? The Office of Sustainability hosted their second annual Green Careers Panel virtually – and that means you can watch and learn more. …

By Jessica Buller
Jessica Buller Career Consultant Jessica Buller
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4 Takeaways from the Careers in Advocacy Panel


On November 4th, Careers for the Common Good hosted the Careers in Advocacy Panel as their first event of the 2020-2021 academic year. Four amazing panelists attended this event, all of who are currently working in different areas of …

By Sean Roach
Sean Roach Career Intern Sean Roach
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Recap of the Fall 2020 Pathways to Healthcare Panel

Pathways to Healthcare

On Wednesday, October 28th, the Center for Career Development held the third Pathways to Healthcare panel, featuring four panelists with different careers in healthcare. The panelists were able to answer numerous questions and talk about their experience with navigating …

By Anusha Gopinath
Anusha Gopinath Profile Picture
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December 21st: Special Education Teacher Recruitment Fair


Waterbury Public Schools is looking to recruit Special Education Teachers! If you have a current certification or a pending certification in special education, Waterbury Public Schools wants to chat with you. Register today to speak 1:1 with a Waterbury Public …

By Eran Peterson
Eran Peterson Assistant Director, Career Coaching and Counseling Eran Peterson
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Listen to the Experts: Med School Admissions Representatives

Med School Admissions Representatives

On Thursday, October 15th, I had the opportunity to attend the Med School Panel, which was part of the Graduate School Fair. There were seven panelists, all of whom have vast experience in the admissions process into healthcare graduate …

By Anusha Gopinath
Anusha Gopinath CLAS Career Ambassador Anusha Gopinath
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