Internships & Co-ops

Are Non-Profit Internships Profitable?

Let’s face it — much of your college career will likely involve gaining hands-on industry experience prior to graduation. This can take the form of internships, co-ops, externships, and much more. These experiences provide valuable insight into what working in …

By Alexis Cortes
Alexis Cortes Graduate Assistant Alexis Cortes
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8 Reasons to Consider a Career in Healthcare and Wellness

If you’re looking for an exciting, rewarding and fast-paced career, the healthcare and wellness field may be right for you. 

There are many different pathways to healthcare, each with its own unique set of responsibilities. The Center for Career Development …

By Zachary Macinnes
Zachary Macinnes Assistant Director of Corporate Partner Relations Zachary Macinnes
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How to Use Handshake to Find Jobs

There is a job and internship search site tailored specifically for you, and it could be hiding right under your nose! It’s called Handshake, and it’s the primary way the Center for Career Development connects UConn students with employment opportunities …

By Erik Zawodniak
Erik Zawodniak Erik Zawodniak
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Jumpstarting Your Legal Internship Search: Government Roles

Photograph by Brett Jordan-Unsplash

One benefit to pursuing a career in the legal field is that the opportunities are limitless—private practice, in-house, academia, nonprofit legal work, prosecution, government—and the list goes on. One area that should not be overlooked is …

By Ashley Reed - Vault
A comprehensive resource for students and job seekers looking for career advice, job postings, company reviews from employees, and rankings of the best companies and industry employers.
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Survey Results: 10 Best Places to Work for Asian Americans

What Makes a Company a “Best Place to Work”?

If you have ever wondered what the “best companies to work for” are, you’ve probably typed that phrase into Google or another search engine and scrolled through the results. In doing …

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Neurodiversity Recruitment Programs

What is a neurodiversity recruitment program?

A neurodiversity recruitment program is a hiring initiative that a company designs and implements to specifically find neurodiverse candidates for job openings. Some neurodiversity recruitment programs have been around for years, like the Autism …

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Connecting International Students with Employers – Register Today for UConn’s Virtual Career Fair

Are you an international student seeking an internship or job in the upcoming year? If so, you are encouraged to attend the Center for Career Development’s Virtual Career Fair in September. This is an excellent opportunity to network with employers …

By Desiree Martino
Desiree Martino Career Coach Desiree Martino
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7 Networking Tips for Navigating a Career in Healthcare

Pursuing a career in healthcare and wellness is an exciting journey, but one that can come with a lot of questions. Often students wonder what they can do while they are still undergraduates that will help propel their career forward …

By Zachary Macinnes
Zachary Macinnes Assistant Director of Corporate Partner Relations Zachary Macinnes
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The Value of a Post-Graduate Internship

The uncertainty of graduation and what lies after can induce large amounts of stress on students from all majors with varying career goals. From deciding whether to relocate, to applying to jobs, to figuring out if you want to continue …

By Clarice Pennock
Clarice Pennock Career Intern Clarice Pennock
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What Are B-Corps?

As students, our careers are constantly on our minds; especially since, for some of us, graduation is looming. The nature of career preparation is constantly changing, as is the job market. In this growing climate that we live in, many …

By Zoeann Day
Zoeann Day Zoeann Day
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