Making A Real Impression In Your Internship


So you were just offered an exciting internship in your field where you’ll get to test out all of those great skills you’ve acquired during your time here at UConn. How do you make sure that you stand out from …

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Networking for Your Internship

Networking Image

In today’s world, field work and internships are almost as necessary as an actual degree when it comes to getting your first job and starting your career. Internships are a great way to gain experience in a field that interests …

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Tips for Turning your Internship into a Job Offer

internship to job


As an undergraduate, I completed two summer internships.  Through family members, professors, and mentors I compiled the following tips about how to turn my internship into a full-time job offer; whether for that particular company or to make myself …

By Christina Harney
Christina Harney Graduate Assistant Christina Harney
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What Makes a Good Pharmacy Internship, Good?


Internships serve a definitive purpose for both the student and the employer. The student typically takes an internship to get relevant experience, to solidify a career path and/or to make significant networking connections. Employers hire interns as part of a …

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Tweet Your Way to an Internship or Career


We live in the age of technology and social media – everyone has access to the latest news, the newest status updates of their favorite celebrities and friends, and the hottest trends and fads across the world. Many people don’t consider …

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Career Connections for All Majors

Northwestern Mutual Photo

Let me ask you something…

Are you on the job search and want to visit different worksites? Are you an underclassman that wants to know the best strategies for building your resume? Do you want to take a Friday off …

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Why Co-Ops Are Great


Internships are great. With Forbes reporting 80% of college students completing at least one internship by the time they graduate, it’s obvious they’re pretty popular, too.

Co-ops aren’t as well-known with this generation of Huskies, but are a huge opportunity …

By Ashley Browning
Ashley Browning Assistant Director, Corporate Partner Relations Ashley Browning
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Make Your Internship Work for You—Get It on Your Transcript


Completing an internship should be a mutually beneficial relationship. You fill an important niche in the day-to-day operations of the company while developing critical skills, expanding your network, and learning about the industry. But there is another way that you …

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6 Ways to Maximize Your Internship Using LinkedIn


We can all agree that making the most of your internship is important for building experience, networking with employers and other interns, and possibly landing that full time position after you graduate. There are many articles describing how you can …

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Why Leave Campus, Fine Arts Students?


Sometimes opportunities are truly in our own backyard. It’s easy to forget when we live on such a large campus that so many places exist to become involved, gain skills, and engage in valuable experiences. I’ll lay out a few …

By Jennifer Grunwald
Jennifer Grunwald Career Consultant, School of Fine Arts Profile Picture
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