Internships & Co-ops

6 Ways to Maximize Your Internship Using LinkedIn


We can all agree that making the most of your internship is important for building experience, networking with employers and other interns, and possibly landing that full time position after you graduate. There are many articles describing how you can …

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Why Leave Campus, Fine Arts Students?


Sometimes opportunities are truly in our own backyard. It’s easy to forget when we live on such a large campus that so many places exist to become involved, gain skills, and engage in valuable experiences. I’ll lay out a few …

By Jennifer Grunwald
Jennifer Grunwald Career Consultant, School of Fine Arts Profile Picture
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Your Summer Internship Starts Now!


Are you planning on pursuing an internship next summer? Many prestigious programs have their deadlines during the fall semester, especially those in government, financial services, accounting, and law fields. These internships are highly sought after, so the Center for Career …

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Internship Experience with WITNESS


This summer, I interned at an international NGO (nongovernmental organization) called WITNESS based in Brooklyn, NY. WITNESS is an independent nonprofit organization which focuses on training individuals to use video as a powerful tool to fight human rights abuses and …

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How to Fund your Internship Experience


The cost of an internship can be steep at times, especially if taking it for credit. If a student uses a 529 to pay for college expenses, there may be ways to tap into the 529 when interning for credit. …

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Make That Money


While internships are popular on campus, UConn’s Co-Op Program is a lesser-known opportunity that students can take advantage of to get full-time, hands-on learning while making money. That’s right, co-ops are full-time, career-related work experiences that are always paid.

Much …

By Ashley Browning
Ashley Browning Assistant Director, Corporate Partner Relations Ashley Browning
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Need experience to get experience? How does that work?


Throughout our entire undergraduate career we experience the same old story again and again; you need experience to get experience.

It’s the hardest thing to figure out if you don’t know what kind of experience you need or where to …

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Internships are About Education, Not Compensation

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In my role at UConn I field questions from students, employers, and faculty about the definition of an internship, the terms that make one a quality experience, funding expectations, supervision, etc.

So in considering an internship’s educational worthiness, I review …

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