5 Career and Professional Development Events Specifically for the AAPI Community

Summer is here! While that may mean sun and fun for some, it also means the start of conference season for others. If you are looking for an opportunity to enhance your skills, build a network of industry professionals, or …

By Kristen Soprano
Kristen Soprano Career Consultant Kristen Soprano
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Empowering Pre-Health Students and Medical Professionals with Disabilities

Pursuing A Career in Healthcare

Pursuing a career in healthcare is a journey that often comes with a lot of questions. This may be because generally lots of schooling and training is required whether you are interested in medical school, …

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ICYMI: How I Built Professional Wealth During and After College

Professional wealth and social capital: two terms that came up often in our conversation with Chauntay Mickens ’10 (CLAS). Professional wealth doesn’t just refer to money. It refers to the wealth of career and networking opportunities available to those with …

By Erik Zawodniak
Erik Zawodniak Erik Zawodniak
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In Case You Missed It: How Advocating For Myself Advanced My Career

In career and life, one of the most important skills is advocating for ourselves. Yet, what does advocating for ourselves look like when it comes time to land research experience, negotiate a salary, or find a mentor? Ebun Ojekunle ’14 …

By Erik Zawodniak
Erik Zawodniak Erik Zawodniak
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Networking Beyond LinkedIn – How to Keep Networking

Today, networking is a necessity to build a proper foundation for professional development and strengthening connections with others.  It is about creating meaningful conversations, and can be started at any stage of the job search process – it is never …

By Andrea Gonzalez
Andrea Gonzalez Profile Picture
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LinkedIn – Engage with Connections and Write Effective Messages

LinkedIn is the primary social networking collaboration that can be utilized to support your career development. You are encouraged to use LinkedIn to connect with people who can share their experiences, and potentially link you to other individuals on the …

By Desiree Martino
Desiree Martino Career Coach Desiree Martino
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What Are B-Corps?

As students, our careers are constantly on our minds; especially since, for some of us, graduation is looming. The nature of career preparation is constantly changing, as is the job market. In this growing climate that we live in, many …

By Zoeann Day
Zoeann Day Zoeann Day
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Learn New Career Skills Virtually This Summer!

With summer quickly approaching you may find yourself wondering, is it too late for me to find a meaningful career experience? And the answer is, of course not! There are wonderful opportunities still available for you to gain experience this …

By Christina Badini
Christina Badini Assistant Director, Corporate Partner Relations, NYC Christina Badini
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Navigating Your College Career as a First Gen

Being a first-generation student is tough, but exciting. It was tough for me because I did not have people to help me with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). My family did not understand the struggles I was …

By Dominque Moore
Dominque Moore Graduate Assistant: Career Development Dominque Moore
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Conduct an Informational Interview with Me: Data Curator

As a graduating senior, one of the most valuable tools for my job search has been the informational interview. In this post, I will guide you through the process of requesting and conducting an informational interview by sharing my personal …

By Meghan Jerrild
Meghan Jerrild Meghan Jerrild
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