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New Neurodiversity at UConn Microsoft Teams Community


If you are a UConn student who identifies as neurodiverse, consider joining this new Microsoft Teams community along with other neurodiverse students at UConn!

The goal of this community is to build a network of support for students to share …

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I Can Use My TikTok Account For What? – Career Advice Through TikTok

TikTok mobile app icon

It is no question that TikTok has consumed the lives of many people over the last year. If you aren’t on the app yet, this is your call to action! TikTok is a social media platform where content creators can …

By Marina DeThomas
Marina DeThomas Marina DeThomas
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Advice for First Gen College Students

Hello Mentor

Are you the first person in your family to attend college? While taking this step is extraordinary, and exciting; it’s also frightening and uncertain. A first generation college student faces the common difficulties of any college student like balance, and …

By Nicolette Niedzwiecki
Nicolette Niedzwiecki Graduate Assistant, Assessment & Technology Nicolette Niedzwiecki
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Career Exploration: Online Tools to Guide You on Your Journey


The internet is filled with a variety of information for anyone looking to research a prospective career: wages, education requirements, statistics and job trends, and so much more. However, what is equally vital, and what students often omit throughout the …

By Alex Manna
Alex Manna Program Assistant/Employer Relations Coordinator, Stamford Campus Alex Manna
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3 Best Practices for Virtual Interviews

Virtual Interview

During the current pandemic, virtual interviews have risen in popularity and most likely will continue to be a staple in interviewing for a long time. The ease with which virtual interviews are conducted is very attractive to many companies. After …

By Melissa Nowak
Melissa Nowak Melissa Nowak
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Using Handshake to Search for Biology Internships/Jobs


Handshake is UConn’s online recruiting system where you can search for jobs and internships. As a biology major, Handshake has many opportunities just for you regardless of whether you are looking for opportunities in healthcare, research, teaching, or another field. …

By Katerine Pais
Katerine Pais Academic Advisor
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Why You Should Major in African American Studies


The staff writers at BestColleges.Com created an open-use guide – Why You Should Major in African American Studies – that outlines the importance of majoring in African American studies, career paths, benefits, and skills this discipline offers.   

Click here to …

By Wiley Dawson
Wiley Dawson Career Consultant Wiley Dawson
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Goldman Sachs Undergrad Virtual Insight Series


Goldman Sachs Undergrad Virtual Insight Series is an interactive multi-day, flexible program to accommodate with your schedule. This program is for current college freshman and sophomores. The program is open to all majors and provides to students an introduction to …

By Katarzyna Paszek
Katarzyna Paszek Profile Picture
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Listen Up STEM Majors: A Guide to Alternative Careers


When thinking of careers for STEM majors, many students have a one-track mind: science majors become scientists, engineering majors become engineers, etc. However, there are a multitude of careers that many students neglect to think about because they are unheard …

By Erin McConnell
Erin McConnell CLAS Career Ambassador Erin McConnell
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Inspiring Women Mentors: Find Yours Today


The Power of Mentorship Among Women

March is Women’s History Month, and with all the buzz I’ve been hearing about the accomplishments of inspiring women, I can’t help but stop and think about the women in my own life who …

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