Résumés and CVs

When to “Let it Go” in your Job Search

Searching for full-time jobs for the first time can be an overwhelming process. Not only is it time consuming, expensive, and emotionally draining, oftentimes the process itself feels like a mystery. If you haven’t worked full-time before it can be …

By Emily Merritt
Emily Merritt Career Consultant, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
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Why your résumé isn’t getting you the interview

There are many make-or-break moments with first impressions. Because your résumé is often the only first impression you have with an employer, it’s important you get it right. Avoid these common résumé mistakes to land the interview!

You didn’t read …

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Next week is Internship & Co-op Week!

It’s not too early to think about internships! Join the Center for Career Development from January 30th through February 3rd for a week of internship and co-op related events. From an Internship Showcase & Bootcamp to the Internship & Co-op …

By Ana Clara Blesso
Ana Clara Blesso Associate Director, Career Coaching & Experiential Learning
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Why Should I Have Bulleted Items for My Clinical Experiences?

Part of all college nursing programs require clinical rotations. The purpose of clinical rotations is for a student nurse to observe and assist in different settings. The experiences that student nurses have during clinical rotations are standardized. Those actions do …

By Laura Evangelista
Laura Evangelista Assistant Director for Curriculum Design and Pre-Professional Advising
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Pharm.D Résumé Writing – From Good to Great

  The Pharm.D program at UConn is highly competitive, requiring strong analytical abilities, good communication, and scientific knowledge. In the process of learning about becoming a pharmacist, students must also prepare for internships, fellowships, and beyond. So where to start…how to …

By Beth E Settje
Beth E Settje Associate Director, Experiential Learning & College to Career Transitions | Pronouns: She/Her
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5 Tips to Trimming Your Résumé

You’re not alone in thinking that résumés are hard to construct: how could you appropriately market yourself and all of your experiences in only one page? Take a look at your résumé and consider a few things: Does it look …

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Your social media matters when it comes to the job search

Social media can be an important tool in the job search – but it can work both for and against you. It can be a great networking tool, but it can also sink your chances for getting an interview or a …

By Lisa McGuire
Lisa McGuire Associate Director, Corporate Partner Relations
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Adding a summer experience to your résumé

Finishing a summer internship or job is a huge accomplishment and definitely something you want to show on your résumé! You’ve finally gotten some real-world-experience and even better, it is probably directly related to your future career goals. So, not …

By Isabel Blank
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What is your resume saying about you?

Applying to a job? Getting your résumé back in shape? Want to help ensure you’re sending the right message? Are you hitting all the right keywords in a job description? I just found the coolest website to help – wordle.net.

I …

By Pamela Zagami
Pamela Zagami Administrative Services Specialist & Fiscal Officer | Pronouns: she/her/hers
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Six Seconds

Six Seconds

In about the same amount of time that it takes to comfortably recite the English alphabet, a future employer will spend reviewing your résumé. Chances are that you spent hours crafting your document and it is discouraging to …

By Kay Kimball Gruder
Kay Kimball Gruder Associate Director, Graduate Student & Postdoc Career Programs and Services | Pronouns: she/her/hers
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