Go Get Yourself an Internship!  

Internships are great ways to gain real world experience and build hard and soft skills. Learn about Jarrin’s journey from intern to full-time hire at Traveler’s Insurance!

By Jarrin Araujo
Jarrin Araujo
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Welcome to our Spring 2024 Career Everywhere Faculty Fellow!

Dr. Danielle DeRosa is currently a Visiting Clinical Instructor in the Neag School of Education and her extensive experience in multiple departments across the university contributes to her dedication to integrate career readiness into the student experience.

By Kaitlyn Anderson
Kaitlyn Anderson Career Readiness Program Designer
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How to Deal with Rejection and Grow  

It’s disappointing to turn in an application and go through the interview process just to receive the dreaded “Thank you for applying, but…” email. Here are some strategies to handle rejection and make the most out of it.

By Emily Clifford
Emily Clifford
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Building a Faith-Based Professional Network

For religious college students, it may seem like the journey towards professional success excludes your beliefs, but by building a professional network with individuals who share similar values can help you feel a sense of unity.

By Maryam Mageed
Maryam Mageed
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Is Overemployment More Than Just a TikTok Trend?  

What exactly is overemployment? Why do some people participate in it? Read on to learn the answers to these questions and more!

By Andrew Lanza
Andrew Lanza
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Ways To Get Involved with Sustainability Around Campus

Are you interested in working in sustainability, but don’t know where to start? Here are a few resources to help you!

By Aditya Taroll
Aditya Taroll
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5 Elective Courses to Jumpstart Your Academic Interests in Sustainability  

Interested in furthering your education in sustainability, conservation, and energy? Read on to explore different electives that allow you to explore your interest!

By Madison Jolley
Madison Jolley
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Undocumented Entrepreneurs in Growing Industries: Construction 

While generating income in the U.S. is a huge challenge for undocumented individuals, there are several ways to earn an income that do not require individuals to apply for a work permit. This blog explores the construction industry in the U.S. and how they can be used to one’s advantage.

By Jonathan Bustamante
Jonathan Bustamante
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The Experience of Securing a Job or Internship as an International Student 

We know it can be difficult to navigate finding a job or internship in the U.S. as an international student, so here’s some advice from other international students who have found success and ways you can too!

By Desiree Martino
Desiree Martino Career Coach | Pronouns she/her
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How My Psychology & Chemistry Degrees Can Be Used in Sustainability

It can be difficult to navigate how you can use your degree in the industry you want to work in. Here are some examples of how you can apply psychology and chemistry degrees to the field of sustainability and resources to help you get there!

By Yashira Fernandes
Yashira Fernandes
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