Experience Spotlight: Sydney Romantics Branding and Design Virtual Internship

Are you interested in gaining skills and experience in the arts, media and communication? This virtual internship is perfect for exploring your interest! Read on to learn more about the internship and how to apply.

By Samantha Valle
Samantha Valle
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Exploring Career Options: An Unforgettable Software Engineering Experience!

Interested in exploring a career in technology? Take this opportunity to learn about a virtual software engineering experience to see if it’s something you’d like to do!

By Eunice Asante
Eunice Asante
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Globally Responsible Engineering: The New Wave of Global Responsibility and Safe Environmental Improvement

Interested in learning about the engineering profession while also gaining practical skill and experience? Read on to learn about the Engineers Without Borders Virtual Experience Programme!

By Kathryn Ferencsik
Kathryn Ferencsik
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Design the Future: Experience in Product Design Offered by Accenture

Considering a career in product design? Use this free virtual experience program to gain important skills and explore if it’s something you want to continue pursing!

By Alexandra Carabetta
Alexandra Carabetta
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The Law School Experience

Looking to gain insights into succeeding in law school? Explore the Law School Experience and learn how to succeed on law school exams, make constitutional arguments, read and analyze a legal case, and write a law school outline.

By Christopher McAuliffe
Christopher McAuliffe
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Public Health Policy and Management Experience

Take this opportunity to build necessary skills and further your understanding of the public health field through this Public Health Policy and Management virtual experience program!

By Jarrin Araujo
Jarrin Araujo
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Spotlight: Werth Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Explore the Werth Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and the many opportunities it provides for students.

By Michelle Shavnya
Michelle Shavnya
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J.P. Morgan Excel Skills on Forage

Check out this virtual experience program tailored towards building Excel and visual basic analysis skills that employees at J.P. Morgan use at work.

By Jessica Esposito
Jessica Esposito
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Teach for Australia – Leading a Classroom Experience

Gain valuable experience towards becoming a teacher through this virtual classroom experience geared towards helping future educators build critical skills.

By Alicja Kurpinowicz
Alicja Kurpinowicz
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Nidhi Nair ’23 Named UConn’s First Schwarzman Scholar

Chosen from over 3,000 applicants, economics major, Nidhi Nair, will join 150 fellow scholars in Beijing. She has been named the first Schwarzman Scholar in the history of the institution.

By Mike Enright
Mike Enright Media Services Associate
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