Are You Ready for the Career Fair?

navigating the career fair – international students-01

Are you an international student who wants some extra preparation and advice before the Center for Career Development’s October 2nd Career Fair?

Come to Making Your Best Impression: Navigating the Career Fair for International Students to learn how to prepare, …

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Make That Money


While internships are popular on campus, UConn’s Co-Op Program is a lesser-known opportunity that students can take advantage of to get full-time, hands-on learning while making money. That’s right, co-ops are full-time, career-related work experiences that are always paid.

Much …

By Ashley Browning
Ashley Browning Assistant Director, Corporate Partner Relations Ashley Browning
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Acing the Interview


If you’re terrified of any (or every) aspect of interviewing, you are not alone. Having to talk up oneself can be a daunting, and sometimes awkward task. But have no fear, the Practice Interview Team is here! Going into my …

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Develop and Deliver Your Brand: Third Annual Professional Development Conference


Attention juniors and seniors – the Center for Career Development, along with the Alumni Association, Hillel, Honors, CLAS, Senior Transition and Engagement Programs, and SUBOG/Synergy, is pleased to announce the Third Annual Professional Development Conference (PDC) will take place on …

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Services for STEM Majors


Hi Everyone! My name is Georgina Appiah-Pippim, I am a senior Physiology and Neurobiology major and a Career Intern at the Center for Career Development (CCD). I have been working at the CCD for the last two years, and I …

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Crafting a Catchy Cover Letter


“I can never write one of these things!” These are the words I constantly hear out of students’ mouths when they come into work with me on a cover letter. Whether they are using this document to apply for jobs …

By Ty McNamee
Ty McNamee Outreach and Programming Graduate Assistant Ty McNamee
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Dispensing Drugs Legally – What is a Pharmacist?


Do you have the skill sets for a career in pharmacy? It can be rewarding and fulfilling for those interested in science, health care, and patient services. Graduates of a pharmacy program have a solid knowledge of chemistry and biology, …

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Take Time to Make Time: You are the only one who can!


With the launch of the school year we always have good intentions to stay on top of things. I know I do. I have been the “To Do” list person, who starts out with everything organized, eager to make headway …

By Kay Kimball Gruder
Kay Kimball Gruder Assistant Director of Graduate Student Career Programs and Services Kay Kimball Gruder
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Get Involved Education (And pre-education) Majors!


Fall semester has arrived, and as all of the education and pre-education students here at UConn return to campus, your future students are packing backpacks and boarding buses back to their classrooms. It is a time of excitement and the …

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How to Handle the Interview’s Toughest Question


Interviews are stressful for everyone, but being prepared can make a huge difference for your confidence level during the interview. One way to prepare is to think in advance about how to answer the more difficult questions such as “what …

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