Part I: Preparing for a Successful Internship & Co-op Fair Experience


An internship or co-op experience can be an excellent way to explore a potential career and network with professionals in your field. The spring semester can be a busy and stressful time for students interested in securing one of these …

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Make The Most of A Snow Day


Blizzard Juno brought us an early release, a full snow day, and a late start this week. While we may not get a storm like that again this season, we can certainly bet on a few more snow days in …

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CLAS Industry Spotlight: Insurance


Wondering about how to use your CLAS degree in the world of business? Have you considered a career in insurance?

For more information and tips about entering the insurance industry, check out our interview with CLAS alumni Sonja Plasvic, and …

By Emily Merritt
Emily Merritt Career Consultant, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Emily Merritt
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Student Success Story: Andrew Oravecz

Andrew O

Andrew Oravecz

Major(s): Political Science and Human Rights Double Major

Class Standing: Senior

Can you tell us about some of your current involvements on or off-campus?

This is my third year as a Resident Assistant in the alumni quad and …

By Brittney Austin
Brittney Austin Communications Assistant
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Why You Need To Do An Internship In College


You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Man! Why are they so excited about internships?” An internship is possibly one of the most important experiences you can have in your college career. It stands as an opportunity to explore the practical applications …

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Introducing Evisors – 24/7 Access to Career Webinars!


What is Evisors? In terms that most people can relate to, it’s kind of like YouTube for Career Development. The only difference being that instead of getting endless amounts of videos on all kinds of topics, delivered by all kinds of people, with …

By Lee Hameroff
Lee Hameroff Associate Director, Operations Lee Hameroff
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Office Etiquette: The Rules of Saying Thank You

Showing your appreciation by saying “thank you” is not only proper etiquette, but can also help in retaining important contacts while advancing your business network.  Attached is a link to an article written by Jacqueline Whitmore in – Office Etiquette: The Rules …

By Pamela Zagami
Pamela Zagami Administrative Services Specialist Pamela Zagami
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But First Let Me Take A Selfie


There are many ways for us to document our lives. Some people take to social media and post about their successes, friends, fun nights out and of course the selfie. Friends and family flock to see what is new with …

By Helen Schafer
Helen Schafer Coordinator for Outreach and Programming Graduate Assistant Helen Schafer
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2014 Intern of the Year Winner: Emily Snodgrass


The University of Connecticut’s Center for Career Development has awarded its annual Intern of the Year to Emily Snodgrass. Emily was chosen for the 2014 Intern of the Year Award for her internship with the Minnesota Memory Project due to …

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Achievable Goals for the Spring Semester


Welcome back! We hope that your winter break and holiday season was filled with good cheer, great company, and some well-deserved rest. Now that you have had a full 5 weeks to catch up on your sleep and favorite Netflix …

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