Not Your Typical Résumé


A typical day in the office usually entails having some form of discussion around résumés. The résumé is at the core of what we do as Career Consultants. Keeping an eye on new trends related to résumés has become a …

By Jennifer Grunwald
Jennifer Grunwald Career Consultant, School of Fine Arts Profile Picture
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Where do you want to live when you graduate and get a job?

Where do you want to live when you graduate and get a job?

Where do you want to live when you graduate and get a job? There are many things to consider, such as cost of living, climate, or proximity to friends and family. If number of job openings is an important consideration …

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“I’ll Do Anything!”


Too often I hear students express, “I’ll do anything,” when speaking about future employment. This phrase is usually code for, “I haven’t figured out what I really want to do.” While doing “anything” might seem like you are keeping your …

By Kay Kimball Gruder
Kay Kimball Gruder Assistant Director of Graduate Student Career Programs and Services Kay Kimball Gruder
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Time Management, Career Style


Many articles and strategies reference ways to organize your time when you are a student. They speak to compartmentalizing experiences, blocking off hours to complete a project, save time for recreation, eating and sleeping, etc. When it comes to making …

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What can I do with my CLAS Major?

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One of the many benefits of studying a CLAS major that you’re passionate about is that you have a world of career opportunities available to you. And while not having one specific career path connected to your major can be …

By Emily Merritt
Emily Merritt Career Consultant, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Emily Merritt
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Student Success Story: Emma Price

Emma Price’s blog photo

Emma Price

Major: Animal science

Minor: MCB

Classing Standing: Senior

Can you describe your role as a supervising teaching assistant with UConn’s FYE program?

I help first year students at UConn transition into their new college life. My specific role …

By Brittney Austin
Brittney Austin Communications Assistant
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Making A Real Impression In Your Internship


So you were just offered an exciting internship in your field where you’ll get to test out all of those great skills you’ve acquired during your time here at UConn. How do you make sure that you stand out from …

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The “Follow-up Letter” Etiquette


Follow-up letters are a crucial step in the job search process! These letters allow you to make a strong impression, further indicate interest in a company or specific position, and thank an employer for taking the time to speak to …

By Laura Evangelista
Laura Evangelista Assistant Director for Curriculum Design and Pre-Professional Advising Laura Evangelista
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How to Ace the Case Interview


Many in the business industry are familiar with the “case” interview method, but are not quite sure the techniques on how to take on these questions. As a Career Intern who specializes in practice “mock” interviews at the Center for …

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“Workplace Cell Phone Etiquette – 7 Smart Tips” by Rachel Wagner


Etiquette, or acceptable social behavior also known as “good manners”, has evolved from a strict set of rules and advice on everything from good breeding and hygiene into what some might say are a “relaxed” set of norms. And, with …

By Pamela Zagami
Pamela Zagami Administrative Services Specialist Pamela Zagami
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